Career Day

Sarah Carrillo , Staff Writer

Last Tuesday DVC held their first Career Day with all three schools, which enabled students to find out more information about career paths they are interested in pursuing.

DVC Counselors Jennifer Barba and Diana Vallejo helped organize the event.

“The chance for students to talk to different professionals for them to start their exploration on what their interested in doing after high school,” said counselor Barba. “We did this in hopes that it will spark an interest in a career that they want to pursue.”

Career Day allowed students to talk to a variety of experts and gain information on multiple careers: flight attendants, baking, fashion designing, and more.

“I thought it was cool to get two famous fashion designers to come to the career fair and talk about what they do daily and what it’s like to create outfits for celebrities,” said senior Liliana Gutierrez.

After attending the career fair some students were still unsure about what career they wanted to go into, but Career Day provided insight on many pathways for their future.

“I talked to one lady who was in social marketing and it made me have an interest in pursuing that career in the future,” said junior Ryan Simpson.

In hopes of making Career Day an annual event for incoming students to gain more knowledge about a variety of careers, students look forward to the next time they have the opportunity to explore career paths with their peers.