Spreading the word on climate change

Sarah Carrillo , Staff Writer

The junior Biology room presented about different ways they were able to vocalize and take action in reducing climate change during the 2019 Exhibition Showcase.

Juniors worked hard within the project and had many different ideas on how they can take action on different aspects of climate change. The overall goal was spreading the word about climate change as a whole.

“I decided that people should create a garden because it’s simple,” said junior Carolina Alfaro. “Gardens can absorb carbon dioxide from the air and into the atmosphere. Those factors contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions.”

Many students came up with creative ideas on ways they can help the world around them. Students even branched out in helping out other countries. Some students did social media campaigns in order to get their message across to all ages.

“I thought of doing a social media campaign since I’ve seen how different events have been displayed through social media,” said junior Kassidy Sandoval. “I thought this would be a great way to get all ages involved in climate change.”

Along with ideas for climate change, there has been recent controversy on the topic which was one of the reasons this project had been brought up for the juniors to take action.

“Climate change has, unfortunately, been debated about in the news and our president has come out saying that it’s false, which has made a lot of policy changes that are affecting our country’s ability to reduce climate change,” said Biology teacher Tyler Mar.

The students got the chance to think about their future and how their actions will reflect their lives, and they were able to share those ideas with teachers and parents to inform them on the topic.

“I think it’s even more important that our students be able to know the difference between fact and fiction and be able to have the opportunity to do something about it, since ultimately, it’s going to be up to them since it’s their future,” explained Mar “I really appreciated this project because I think the students got a chance to learn for themselves.”