Informed or Bored?

Parents at DVC’s 2019 Exhibition. Samin Champion/VP

Parents at DVC’s 2019 Exhibition. Samin Champion/VP

Kayla Mitchell , Editor in chief

DVC’s 2019 Spring Exhibition has been one that many have called different from the years previous. At the second Exhibition of the school year, the parent attendance ratio has decreased compared to previous years.

Although exhibition lasted only an hour and a half, there was an apparent decline in parent support in which many parents who were in attendance were not as active during the night; often found to be sitting in common areas or staying in their child’s presentation room throughout the night.

According to the Da Vinci Schools website, exhibition is a night for the Da Vinci Institute to host tours, workshops, and conferences for visiting educators. Both parents and potential students are also highly encouraged to come and watch student presentations on their latest or biggest project in the semester.

“The information that the kids are presenting is just amazing. I don’t remember doing this while I was in high school, so it’s like at a really different level as far as the information you guys are presenting,” said DVC parent Tony Gutiérrez. “It’s almost like college level stuff, I’m very impressed with the amount of information and the work that has gone into these presentations.¨

Though there was a decrease in exhibition attendance, there were still many parents who enjoyed watching what their students have done in school so far. Some even used it as an opportunity to check in with teachers and used it as a segway to meet other students.

Other parents found themselves looking for ways to entertain themselves after watching their student present. In order to stay active throughout the night parent, Erica Gutiérrez said to “Come in pairs so you can entertain each other and talk to each other.” She added “Try to get a snack before you come because you’ll be starving if you come straight from work.”

Many parents who’ve experienced exhibition in the past have ways to make the best of the night, new parents might find it harder to want to participate.

“ I believe that if your student is in one room compared to another, parents would be more encouraged to go to their student’s room,” mentioned grandparent Sarah Nelson. “After they’re done viewing their student, they sit around and just wait for them to finish for the night.”

As each grade level continues to grow, DVC hopes that its exhibition attendance and parent participation continues to improve and that students’ hard work and effort continue to be praised by the community and their loved ones.