The Seniors’ Final Exhibition Hurrah


James Skinner/VP

James Skinner

The class of 2019 experienced their eighth and final exhibition. After eight semesters at DVC they are left with many memories to carry with them into their future endeavors.

Exhibition has been Da Vinci’s method of showing the community what the school is all about. Students take projects that they have worked on and find a creative way to present them to guests in the community so that they can see what students have worked on in that particular semester.

“Exhibition is important to Da Vinci because Da Vinci is a different kind of school; they have different standards and all of the other high schools, and I think this is the one thing that makes them stand out from the rest,” senior Christian Curiel stated.

As seniors have had many exhibitions, they have each developed their own thoughts on what exhibition means to them.

“It just means growth to me… For some of my exhibition projects, starting the project I didn’t really know what to do or how to explain it or what the project was about but once I got into the group of friends in my exhibition and when people explain it to me it kind of helps me really realize what the project consists of,” senior Dominique Stewart discussed.

With the exhibitions that the senior class has been a part of, there are those that students remember more vividly and resonate with than others.

“My favorite exhibition was my columns for junior year because I made my best advertisement and I felt really proud of my work and to show it off and everyone was proud and was surprised about it,” senior Elizabeth Gonzalez mentioned.

Some students reflected more on freshmen and sophomore year because they believe the environment was different when DVC was located at the old campus on Isis avenue.

“My freshmen and sophomore year just being with my group of friends and just having fun while doing exhibition. I feel like that’s something I’ll probably always remember,” senior Tekeste Tekeste said.

“It was just like the things I did in the pathways freshmen year in the class… Helping decorate, having fun with my friends,” Rivas added.

With more experience, the more growth a person can gain from their first exhibition. Seniors reflected on how they felt their class has grown since freshman and sophomore year.

“I feel like our first exhibition we were very scared because we’ve never done anything like this before and so it was very nerve racking, but as we’ve grown and as we’ve gotten the hang of it I feel like as senior we are more confident and we just go with the flow of things,” Curiel remarked.

As students have grown over the years they have matured and figured out how to improve in not only communicating but having stronger quality projects to present.