DVC’s First Day of Service

DVC’s First Day of Service


March 29th marked DVC’s first day of service where advisories united together to help the community in various locations such as Santa Monica, Dockweiler Beach, Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy, and the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank.

This day of service served as a time for students at DVC to get out of a classroom and see how impactful and simple it was to do something for the community.

“I really think it helped me realize how service does impact our community, like how it can really be a positive change and how I can better help with that change,” mentioned sophomore Casey Hartley.

Although many students saw how much of a change this day could potentially have on the community around them, some students were a bit skeptical about attending.

“I heard some students weren’t attending,” said junior Kassidy Sandoval. “Some stayed at home and others I believe came to school and did work for the day.”

The day was different, however, for all students who chose to attend. Some students picked up trash at the beach, while others pulled plants that were overpopulating a specific part of land, and others sorted and re-packaged food.

“My advisory went to Palos Verdes and we basically pulled plants out of the ground that were somewhat dangerous to the environment,” continued Sandoval. “I had never done anything like that before so it felt really good to get out there and experience something new.”

Not only did it feel good to some students to give back for the day, but the uniting of advisories was also something that students found to be something that they enjoyed.

“I would say the best part was just being out there with everybody and like doing a great act with others, and it was kind of a whole community feeling,” explained Hartley.

The enjoyment of the students was also apparent to the teachers who chaperoned service day and worked alongside their advisories.

“I think that the students gained more perspective on how important service is,” said 11th grade biology teacher Tyler Mar. “They gained kind of an appreciation for doing work for others, and how that’s not only helpful for themselves, but that it can make a big difference when we all come together, which is a lot different than doing it by yourself.”

Mar also mentions that should DVC participate in another day of service, it would be really interesting to have the students indulge in something that wasn’t done this time around, like planting trees.

“I’d like to see us kind of stay committed to like the same place to kind of have like a legacy project. Like planting trees, I think is a really powerful experience because its hands on,” Mar continued. “If we can kind of pick a project and as a school get committed to that every year, I think we can build upon that and see what that looks like in 10 years. It would be very powerful.”