An album that is a treat for your ears

Wallows group members posing in a balcony. 
Lesley Rodriguez/  The Daily Listening

Wallows group members posing in a balcony. Lesley Rodriguez/ The Daily Listening

Lesley Rodriguez, Photo and Video Editor

The long-awaited debut Wallows album, Nothing Happens is finally out now. This indie band released its first ever studio album which many fans had waited for a long time. Wallows is constructed of three band members, Dylan Minnette (guitar/vocals), Braeden Lemasters (guitar/vocals) and Cole Preston (drums).

This album contains eleven songs with about a 36 minute run, it captivates the listener’s ears with sweet melodies and upbeat sounds.

There is not one particular sound that Wallows is trying to achieve in this album, there is a mix and balance between very soft sounds and songs that will make you want to get up on your feet and dance.

Only Friend” starts the album off with a consistent sound that will flow throughout every song and transitions into “Treacherous Doctor” which is something that will be persistent in “Nothing Happens”.  

Transitions from song to song flow together like butter on toast, this is not the only thing that the band does well on in this album. Wallows was successfully able to balance out the instrumentals presented. Dylan and Braeden’s vocals both compliment each other while having an individual sound to them so that you can differ who is who.  

Nothing Happens” takes inspiration from the ’80s while the rest of their past releases all contain a different sound.  

While songs on this album are upbeat, there is an underlying tone of some sad love songs sprinkled throughout. “Do Not Wait” ends the album with a slower sad song, while it ends the album in a sad tone it wraps up it beautifully. 

This album has a song for everyone to indulge, whether someone is a fan of Wallows or not this album is definitely a must-listen.  

My top 5 Songs ranked in no particular order

  • Scrawny
  • Treacherous Doctor
  • Ice Cold Pool
  • What You Like
  • Worlds Apart