GPA’s Just Don’t Cut It Anymore

GPA’s Just Don’t Cut It Anymore

Sophia Szekely, Staff Writer

If you don’t live in Bel Air and have mass amounts of money to bribe administrators, then the aching eyes and stiff fingers you get from doing hours of school work might not be enough to get you into the ideal college.

Actors Felicity Huffman from the show Desperate Housewives and Lori Loughlin from Full House have recently been exposed for bribing colleges into letting their children attend their schools. Huffman paid an administrator to change her daughter’s SAT scores. The prices were between $15,000 and $75,000 for each test. Some administrators would change the answers after the test was complete or take the test for the student.

When giving her opinion on Huffman and Loughlin being involved in the scandal Communications senior, Jasmin Muratalla stated, “They shouldn’t be biased. When [colleges] noticed someone well know, they shouldn’t be held to a special pedestal.”

The scam was so detailed that it allowed the parents to even deduct from their taxes. Although, they weren’t the only ones in on the scam. More than 50 people nationwide were involved and paid for their kids to have higher chances of getting into prestigious schools.

Lane Butler, a DVC senior stated, “I think it’s good that there’s finally light being shown on incidents like that but at the same time it makes me wonder how much deeper it goes.” As she continued with furrowed eyebrows, “ that’s just surface level. I think it’s good that they’re being exposed but I don’t think it’s going to change that much honestly.”

Many prestigious schools such as Yale, USC, UCLA, Georgetown, Wake Forest, and the University of Texas were subjected to the scam. With many people wondering if the colleges themselves took part in the bribery, some think action should be taken.

“As a school, you definitely have to put out a formal apology of the fact that you screwed up because you let this happen whether or not your officials wanted it to happen,” emphasized senior Ethan-Christian Cusick.

Getting into college can be a struggle and this recent scandal hasn’t eased anyone’s nerves when it comes to getting accepted. Many believe that something has to be done and new regulations should be put in place. At least some of the seniors have been struck with hope.

“Hell yeah!” Computer Science senior David Pena stated when talking about if he would pay to get into college. He then proceeded to say, “If I become a millionaire in like 20 years, I’m paying for my kids to go to any college that I want.”