The Impact of Growing Up in a Single-Parent Household

The Impact of Growing Up in a Single-Parent Household

Vienna Perez

Growing up in a single-parent household can take a toll on a child’s life when it comes to how a child is physically, emotionally and mentally impacted.

According to Single Parenting and Children’s Academic Achievement, “Of children born since 1984, more than 60% will spend an average of 5 years of their childhood in a single-parent family.  Moreover, 30% of all children in the United States spend their entire lives with single parents.”

“Growing up without my mom was definitely really tough as a child; it made me feel as if I was fitting into a statistic and not being looked at for myself but as a certain percentage of kids that grow up without one of their parents,” said junior Tomie Lambert.  

According to Single mothers guide, in 2016, 23% of high school seniors in the U.S. were growing up with only a birth mother and only 6% growing up with a birth father. 11,667,000 homes in 2017 were single-parent household and 81.4% were single-mother households.

“Not having my dad did affect me a lot mentally,” freshman Ryan Jara said. “I constantly thought I wasn’t good enough for him to stay in my life. I felt kinda abandoned.”

When a child grows up without one parent it’s more likely for the child to perform poorly academically in school due to the lack of support at home.

According to Single-Parent Child Behavior, many single-parent homes are run by mothers who have the chance of having a lower income. Many fathers do not provide financial support causing the single mother to work harder to support her children. Because a mother is so busy working they don’t have the time to assist their children with homework causing children to perform poorly in school.

Along with academic issues, a child can be impacted by how they act when they’re not at home and the decisions they make in their everyday lives. Children have a tendency to misbehave and act out as a way to get the attention they don’t receive at home.

“During the time in my life when I was living without my dad, my mom was always working so my sibling and I wouldn’t get much attention,” junior Benjamin Illescas mentioned.  “I would get in trouble a lot at school when I was younger and now that I look back, me getting into trouble was kind of a way to get attention from my mom that she wouldn’t normally give me because she was so busy working to support us.”

Although growing up in a single parent household can be a tough situation with many negative effects on a child, growing up without a parent can also have some positive outcomes and lessons.

Some of the outcomes and lessons are: other important people in your life play a part in raising you, you learn independence at a young age, you understand and appreciate how hard your one parent works for you, and learn growing up in a two-parent household does not make it a perfect home, along with many other outcomes and lessons that come with growing up in a single parent household.

“Growing up without a father not in my life 24/7 you would think there are a lot more hardships than good times, but it was the exact opposite, it taught me to be grateful for the people who’ve actually stayed in my life,” said junior Kallayah Logan  “The moment that did disappoint me was having to see father’s day posts and not being able to contribute to the holiday. At the end throughout my life, I’ve always kept in mind to be appreciative for those around me and all the sacrifices they’ve made that have made me who I am today.”