DVC Gone Mad?

11th grade student typing on broken laptop.

Hassan Daniels/VP

11th grade student typing on broken laptop.

Hasan Daniels and Daphne Piña

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On March 27th, DVC silently announced that on the last day of school, students will be allowed to break laptops without any consequences.

In the past few years, there have been many laptops broken due to a number of circumstances. Many students have reported their laptop to be broken at least once or more.

“If DVC said that everyone is able to break a laptop on the last day of school I would feel good,” expressed junior Ellie Roman. “The people I would come for would be the same people who broke my laptop or try to break my laptop all the time.”

Students such as Roman plan to take this announcement as an opportunity to get back at students who on a daily basis recklessly try to damage other students laptops.

“Back then I would’ve said that it’s really dumb,” said student Ryan Simpson. “But now it’s like okay let’s do it because it’ll give freedom to students to just do what they want on the last day of school.”

On the other hand, some students such as junior Riley Brady, feel that allowing students to do break laptops is unnecessary and at the end of the day, will end up costing the school a great amount of money for all the laptops that will be damaged.

With the breaking of all the laptops, this will be a good opportunity for the students to get new laptops. This would bring them a fresh start and prosperous learning, but it might cost the school over thousands of dollars in fixing/and or buying new laptops.

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