South Wales To South LA

Kayla Mitchell/Vitruvian Post

Kayla Mitchell/Vitruvian Post

Kayla Mitchell

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Identity can be everything.

When a person is born they are given their identity, as society continues to change, identity has become more of a broader term.

Today, Math teacher and Computer Science teacher Andy Galbraith has become a forefront example of how broad the identity spectrum has become.

Gains and naughty are some of the classic words that students love to hear Galbraith say in his unique impressive accent.

“I just love the way he talks; I’ve never heard anything like it,” mentioned freshman Lelani Dexter.

A brand new study conducted by researcher David What a scam of has found that Galbraith was actually born in South Los Angeles.

“I’ve always had this deep feeling that something was off,” stated senior Jarrett Freeman. “Last week I greeted him with and polite hello and he responded with a ‘sup’.”

Galbraith, who claimed to be a South Wales native was actually born in South Los Angeles to Buzz and Little Bo Galbraith. Growing up, his favorite tv show was The Poddington Peas which caused him to develop a British accent.

Reports in the past shown that some students have had doubts about his true identity but were silenced by his colleagues.

“I had to protect him at all cost,” said Eric Marintsch, Galbraith’s computer science colleague. “He came to me at lunch on the first day of school, asking me if he should just confess. The accent was way too cool, I couldn’t let him go down like that.”

Many teachers do claim to be unaware of Galbraith’s true identity while others knew exactly who he was. This has caused many students to question if other staff members are hiding their true identity too.

What a scam plans on conducting more research on the true identity of more staff members at DVC. Until then, are you really, who you think you are?

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