The End Of Phones At DVC

Sarah Carrillo and James Skinner

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DVC has decided after spring break to have a policy that will ban phone use on DVC’s campus throughout the duration of the school day.

Students use their phones frequently throughout the course of the day on campus. It has had its worst effect in the classroom where phones would constantly be taken from students who would be distracted by them in class.

“We as DVC staff agreed that phone use on campus has gotten out of hand and that it is better to remove phones on campus like DVIA has so that students can be more involved and engaged during school,” stated Scott Weatherford, DVC principal.

The move was strongly pushed by 10th grade Math teacher Donald Puathasnanon who implemented a phone box that students would put their phones into before the start of class.

“There have been multiple situations where students have had sound on and ultimately interrupt the entire class. I think with the new policy, it will ultimately cut distractions,” said Puathasnanon.

Staff members believe that students have been too distracted with having their phones in class and believe it affects how well they pay attention during strict lesson teachings and how they spend their work time.

“My phone has gone off during class and it makes a huge distraction to my peers so with this new policy, I’m not happy about it, but I do understand the staff’s reasoning for making this policy happen,” said junior Kallayah Logan.

The staff hopes for student improvement while in class and want them to be able to fully succeed in the future. The banning of the phones won’t be the only policy being put in place at DVC. There will also be pranks tricking each student into believing this policy is real.

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