Welcome Super Bloom and Hello Painted Ladies


11th Grader Ashley Gonzalez holds a painted lady in her palm as she walks to local coffee shop.

Kaiya Alsobrook , Staff Writer

Southern California’s super bloom has not only brought tons of unique wildflowers across Southern California but also millions of butterflies to the golden state.

A super bloom happens once a decade. During the super bloom wildflowers bloom in a variety of colors such as yellow, orange, and purple. It can be seen in places such as Lake Elsinore, Catalina Island and Joshua Tree.

“It was really cool because we haven’t seen that many butterflies around here in a long time,” said junior Ashley Gonzalez, who saw the butterflies by the Starbucks off of Douglas and Maple.“Seeing a bunch of them at once was a pretty cool experience.”

Painted ladies are often mistaken for monarch butterflies due to the fact that they share similar colors such as orange, black, and white. Unlike monarchs, Painted ladies are non-toxic. They are also smaller than monarchs and about 5 to 9 centimeters wide.

“My friends and I were on our way walking to Starbucks and we saw all these butterflies gathered,” said Gonzalez. 

Painted ladies escape the cold winter months by migrating to west Texas and northern Mexico where it tends to be warmer during the winter months than places such as Oregon and Washington where they are native. During the migration Painted Ladies breed to prepare for the next generation.