CSS Escape Room


Disney, space, and anime; all themes explored in student escape rooms showcased at Computer Sciences escape room event.

“We wanted to make simple, but high-quality web pages where students had to make some very specific javascript functionalities to the page,” Andy Galbraith, one of DVC’s computer science pathway teacher noted enthusiastically when asked to describe the thinking behind an escape room themed project. “We were brainstorming how we could do that with puzzles or using games and we were explaining our idea to other teachers when Barba said ‘oh it’s kind of like an escape room.”

Computer Science’s eight-week group project was a time consuming and intuitive project which pushed students and retaught them key concepts that were essential to computer science.

I actually quite enjoyed it, mostly because it was more akin to web design than anything,” said Casey Henderson, a senior in the Computer Science pathway when asked his opinion on the escape room. “A lot of the stuff I was working with was stuff I had prior knowledge of.”

In this project, juniors and seniors paired together to make interactive websites in which participants had to solve themed puzzles to make it onto the remaining groups escape rooms.

Before we started building everything we had to create a brainstorm and a set of procedures that we needed to do before running it,” said Raya Dajani, a junior in the Computer Science pathway.

Although the final product presented to the school during the escape room showcase was a collaborative effort, Henderson recounts that a majority of the work done in Computer Science was individual.

¨I came up with our theme, which was lost in space I was able to create a functionally that was different from the rest and also creating wireframes and paying attention to where I was going to place and end things to my layout, ” Raya said.

Before participants were able to begin solving students’ interactive digital escape rooms in the showcase, they were first prompted to escape the physical one held in the wood shop room in between both computer science pathways which were a part of a honors requirement.

“It was one of the most fun projects that we have done. We had lots of freedom and creativity with it and we were allowed to design it however we wanted and use whatever functionality we needed to,” said Carolina Alfaro, CS junior. “For me, I was able to create something that was very unique for my teammates and that is what made the website what it was.”

Want to experience the escape rooms yourself? Linked is student Work by Daniel Ramirez and Zoraiz Hashm