Diving Into The Swim Season

Da Vinci Wolves’ first swim meet against El Camino Real Charter High School, 200 freestyle race. 
Vienna Perez/Vitruvian Post

Da Vinci Wolves’ first swim meet against El Camino Real Charter High School, 200 freestyle race. Vienna Perez/Vitruvian Post

Vienna Perez, Staff Writer

On February 25th, Da Vinci Schools held its first swim meet at the new Wiseburn Aquatic Center against El Camino Real Charter High School.

10 years after its opening, theDa Vinci Wolves added a new sports team to its roster, with holds 17 boys and 19 girls who have a passion for swimming.

Real Charter High School scored the most points in total with all the swimmers who competed, therefore, winning the swim meet. Individually, there were many swimmers who won first and second place in their individual events and relays. Maya and Kai Lyou were the top-scored for the Da Vinci Wolves swim meet, collecting multiple first and second titles and scoring around 20 points each that would contribute to the total score for Da Vinci as a team.

“Swimming has always been something I’ve been passionate about since I was really little and the suspense and butterflies that go through my stomach before a race is what keeps me going,” said Delaney Jimenez, a Da Vinci Design sophomore who swam the 200 freestyle event.

“Swimmers take your mark,” the referee said, letting the swimmer know the race is about to begin and to get ready. A few seconds later a beep goes off and the swimmers dive into the pool swimming as fast as they can in order to finish their laps and win the race.

“As soon as I dive into the pool I’m not really focused on anything else except putting in all my effort and swimming as fast as I can,” Jaylin Henderson a freshman at Da Vinci Communications stated. “While I’m swimming I’m only focus on myself and my swimming no matter if I’m in first or last place.”

With 42 total events in a swim meet, each swimmer participated in 4 events, all in which they displayed their best performance. Each swimmer on the team during a meet is able to participate in 2 individual races and 2 relays or 1 individual and 3 relays, completing 4 events in total.

“Through each event, I got more and more confident in the way I swam, and felt as if I was doing better,” said Trevor Ward, a senior at DVC. “It felt great diving into the pool doing my best and felt even better when I was told I got second place for one of my events.”

Through practicing five days a week, each swimmer trained themselves mentally and physically in order to be ready for their very first meet. With hard work and dedication, each swimmer has made a commitment to being a part of the Da Vinci Wolves swim team.

“We’re a team no matter what,” Laurena Laurios a sophomore at DVC explained.“Whether we win or we lose we’ll continue to work harder and prepare for the next meet”.