Steelers Star Wideout Wants Out


David E. Klutho

James Skinner, Web Editor

NFL star, wide receiver Antonio Brown has requested to move on from the Pittsburgh Steelers after nine years.

Antonio Brown was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers with the 195th pick, the 2010 NFL draft. He was the 22nd receiver drafted in his class out of 27. Brown has since been an anchor for the Steelers offense.

“Had a great meeting with Mr.Rooney today we discussed a lot of things and we cleared the air on several issues! We both agreed that it is time to move on but I’ll always have appreciation and gratitude towards the Rooney family and @steelers organization!” Antonio Brown mentioned via Twitter on February 19th.

With Brown and the Steelers agreeing to part ways, it might be hard for Steeler fans to adjust to losing one of their all-time fan favorites.

Jahari Crawford, a current freshman at Da Vinci Communications and Steelers fan said, “I don’t really like it because I feel like there are things that could have taken place to not get him to that point, and even once he got there a feel like he could have came to the team and try to work it out before he let the whole world know.”
Crawford mentioned that since he has experience with sports he feels like he has the right to do whatever he wants and commit to any team that he pleases.

A potential factor that could have lead to the Brown’s desire to lead emerged from comments from the Steelers 15 year veteran quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger.

“He has a owner mentality like he can call out anybody including coaches. Players know but they can’t say anything about it otherwise they meal ticket gone. It’s a dirty game within a game,” Brown commented on Twitter referring to Ben Roethlisberger.

With Brown deciding to part ways with the Steelers, it opened many conversations about potential teams he could target this offseason.

“He’s a big market and a really great player so if the trade were to happen the Steelers are looking to get multiple draft picks at least people with an 85 overall or above.” Jesri added, “that’s a win for the Steelers but obviously the teams that want to get him are going to be getting a great player.” Majed Jesri, a current DVC Sophomore discussed.

Some question that if the Steelers can be a successful as they have been in past years without stars Antonio Brown or running back Leveon Bell?

“It depend on if they have a good quarterback with Big Ben [Ben Roethlisburger] I don’t see any success… I don’t see them having any success without a good young quarterback,” Jesri concluded.