Shining the Light on BSU

DVCs Black Student Union Flyer (Sarah Carillo/Vitruvian Post)

DVC’s Black Student Union Flyer (Sarah Carillo/Vitruvian Post)

Sarah Carillo , Staff Writer

The month of February is a time for students who are a part of the Black Student Union to educate students on issues in society to celebrate black history month through advisory lessons and a Community Dialogue.

“When it comes to the black student union, we are required to organize club meetings and lead group discussions about pop culture topics in society today,” said BSU President, Amber Keyes.

The club holds meetings every Wednesday and invites students to conversate on social topics currently happening in present day.

“BSU was brainstorming on what theme to do for our CD, we discussed various stereotypes of black people in society,” said sophomore Tiffany Brown.

Students in BSU were able to dive deeper into the depictions of society and find ways they can portray what they learned to an audience.

“It’s always either being Dashiki’s and head wraps or cursing and rap music. We talked about how that can be some of us, but isn’t completely representative of all of us,” said Brown
BSU leaders and members took the lead in many student lead events that happened this month like coming up with a theme for CD and finding student performers. For some, this was a new experience that they plan on experiencing again in the future.

“Hosting CD was a great experience from a BSU standpoint so, I look forward to doing it from a leadership standpoint,” said Amber Keyes.

A large amount of hard work was put in prior to CD, both teachers and students had the ability to reflect on important topics being discussed through videos and performances.

“The theme for CD was a celebration of all of us! Every shape, color, and breed of us. That’s what really gave me the idea of the film with its stereotypes and then the diversity and versatility in who we really are as people,” said Tiffany Brown.

During the community dialogue, Brown displayed a video that she made which including students and teachers. Many had felt that the video engaged the audience and set the tone of the rest of the CD.

“The goals are to be a strong club and we’ve achieved that, BSU is one of the largest clubs at DVC if not the largest and also to plan some events that kind of promote black culture outside of black history month,” said adviser Andrew Daramola.

The students apart of this club strive for BSU to continue to be a place where students can discuss real-world issues and spread information they learn every week to the community around them.