Watts Coffee House

Inside Watts Coffee house where there is a collection of autographs and pictures.

(Geovani Espinoza/ Vitruvian Post)

Inside Watts Coffee house where there is a collection of autographs and pictures.

Geovani Espinoza , Social Media Editor

When most people think of the city of Watts, the first thing that comes to mind is the notorious Watts riots that took place in 1965. However, Watts is also known for its hidden gem, Watts Coffee house, located on 1827 E 103rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90002.

At first glance, the exterior may not seem like a restaurant, but a closer inspection will prove otherwise. Once you get through the front doors you’re greeted with beautiful murals showing the depth and culture that Watts has to offer. Books, music, and art can all be seen in within the murals.

Before being seated you are greeted with a familiar face. Waiting at the door is a cut out of former 44th President, Barack Obama.

The next thing that customers are greeted with is all the beautiful artwork that is hung and displayed all over the restaurant walls. Album covers, famous African American artist, and the phrase “I heart Watts” are just some of the beautiful decorations that you will witness as you enjoy your meal.

All meals are prepared from scratch and take a bit longer before they take their journey from the kitchen to your table, however, this is well worth the wait and your stomach will thank you later.

Watts for breakfast you may ask? Watts Coffee House offers two different breakfast menus. The Savory menu and the Sweet and Savory menu. The Lucien, which is offered on the Sweet N’ Savory, consists of smothered potatoes, a cheesy omelet and four slices of french toast served with butter and maple syrup to top it off. Another great choice that is offered on the Savory menu is the Sausage patty which consists of a Country seasonal patty, your choice of either their famous buttered grits, smothered potatoes, as well as two eggs, and buttered biscuits.

The next time you find yourself in Watts or in the area stop by Watts Coffee House to enjoy the food, music, and culture that Watts has to offer. It is well worth the trip.