Juniors on a Search for a Potential College


University of California, Riverside. Jaylene Maldonado/ Vitruvian Post

Jaylene Maldonado, Web Editor

Last Wednesday the 11th grade class had the opportunity to visit the University of California Riverside, allowing them to get an inside look at what the college life may be like.

As March approaches the juniors at DVC have learned to see the importance of touring colleges as they will soon be applying in the next school year. College trips, like going to UCR, has helped many students see what the college life would be like and if they want to apply. 

“Visiting UCR made the whole college experience real and actually made me remember that I would have to apply in just a few months,” said junior Cady Tran. “It’s scary to think about but it’s good that it’s on my mind, that way I can start figuring out what I want.”

During the tour DVC students had the opportunity to meet up with former student Janae Polk. This gave students an insight as to what college life is like from someone currently attending. This also allowed students to have a chance to ask questions that weren’t answered during the tour.

“Having a former DVC student there definitely made me more engaged in the presentation,” said junior Ethan Barragan.

Barragan also added that having a former DVC student who participated in activities unique to Da Vinci like POLs and SLCs, made the presentation more relatable. Aside from meeting old colleagues, the 11th grade class caught a glimpse of where the UCR students live, dine and study.

“My favorite part of the trip was experiencing the dorms because I had never seen one before,” said Tran. “It made me excited to live on campus.”

Many believe that college tours now have a huge impact on their future. From freshman year to junior year, students get to see different colleges that they may have never heard of or seen.

“UCR helped me with thinking about the different colleges in California that I have as an option with the application process coming up in a few months,” said junior Kasey Nguyen.

Another area that students got to tour at UCR was the Recreation Center. Many student-athletes were excited at the fact that many sports opportunities are still available after high school.

“Seeing the gym for the first time was an eye-opener for me because it gave a sense of hope of playing volleyball after graduating,” continued Barragan.  

Many students noted that if it weren’t for the tour, they may have never even considered applying or visiting UCR being that it was a bit of a commute to go see it for themselves. The juniors hope to get another opportunity to tour other colleges in the near future.  

“I hope that we will soon get the opportunity to see other colleges because I think it’s important to see different schools that I may never get the chance to see,” said junior Trent McKinney. “It would give an idea of where I would like to apply next year.”