10th Graders Explore the Art of CAAM and College Campuses


The 10th grade class poses in front of the California African American Museum for a quick photo. Photo taken by Gemma Mendez

Hailey Reyes , Copy Editor

Wednesday, February 6th, the 10th grade class visited the University of Southern California and the California African American Museum, allowing them to explore a college campus as well as exhibits dedicated to Black History Month.

Many DVC sophomores have found it important to seek out colleges that may be of interest to them. Going on a trip to visit a college like USC helped these students discover what a real college setting might look like, should they choose to attend.

“I think it really helped us see how college really works,” said sophomore Logan Evans. “Like how people go about their day and take their classes.”

High school students getting to see college students in their element could have provided a better perspective to those who might be interested in attending USC specifically. However, the campus itself also appeared to intrigue the students as well.

“We went on tour, so we got to see all the libraries and the grounds of the campus,” continued Evans. “After that, we had lunch at the USC Village where currently all the stores and shops and restaurants are. It was nice and pretty fun.”

This college field trip not only let the 10th grade class observe an ordinary college lifestyle, college students sent a sense of reassurance to anyone who didn’t think college was an option.

“A bunch of kids were like ‘it’s possible, I’ve been in your shoes not thinking I can go to college but like, I’m here’,” said sophomore Matthew Garcia.

With a tour of the college campus, however, there were some downsides to the way USC was presented to the students as far as the application process.

“I personally didn’t enjoy much the presentation or the admissions,” said 10th grade Math and Computer Science teacher Gerardo Sandoval. “I think they could have done a better job of presenting information.”

The second stop for the sophomore class was the Californian African American Museum where many students were inspired by beautiful artwork and exhibits.

“I really liked CAAM,” added Evans. “I’ve never been there before, and it’s been there for a really long time. It was really cool to actually finally get to see it because it was really beautiful and the portraits were really cool.”

The artwork presented at CAAM was new for many students and made them more aware of how real life experiences are poured into art.

Garcia noted that if it weren’t for the museum, he would have never known about how much “true art” is out there.

“Just how much art is really out there, how much true paintings and emotion in the artwork could be out there, and you just never know,” Garcia said.

The trip was eventful and insightful for the 10th grade class and the students are hoping that this isn’t the last of college and museum field trips.

“I do think it’s important so I understand where I want to go and have a plan because if I don’t, senior year comes and I’m not going to know what to do. And so I think it’s pretty cool,” Garcia finished.