Students and Staff Participate in Spirit Week


Jalen Carter dressed as a tourist for spirit week. Photo taken by Tiffany Brown

Elena Marin, Staff Writer

On February 11th DVC Spirit Week had a kick-start with Marvel Monday, where students and staff dress up as Marvel characters or show appreciation to their favorite comics and movies by simply wearing a Marvel t-shirt or hoodie.

Leadership decided to change things up this Spirit Week by creating new themes for each day such as Tourist Tuesday, Wizard Wednesday, and Freaky Friday, as well as Thursday’s Valentine’s Day where students and staff can buy Valentine’s Day-grams to their friends.

“We had the obvious themes, like, for Wednesday we had Walt Disney Wednesday. And for Tuesday, Twin Tuesday.” Trina Umana, a 12th-grade Leadership student, explained different, unique themes pitched for Spirit Week and her suggestions. “I pitched Taurus Thursday, you know like the Zodiac sign? To come and dress up as your zodiac sign, but that didn’t get far. There were all sorts of things but we tried to steer clear of the things we’ve already done, typically like Pajama Day.”

The change of pace for Spirit Week brought positive feedback from students such as senior student Katherine Rivas, who is happy that DVC is taking a step away from overdone themes for Spirit Week.

“I like that we’re taking a different approach and not the same Hawaiian tropical theme or like all the other themes we keep doing,” said Rivas. “I’m really happy that we’re trying new things.”

11th grade History teacher Andrew Daramola had also provided positive feedback on the Leadership team’s creativity with coming up with new themes.

“I like it. I really like Marvel Monday, I think that people are really into comics whether it’s Marvel or DC or whatever. I just like the creativity, it’s not just the same like Twin Day, dress like a teacher day, ya know? We’re just doing different things,” said Daramola.

Now, thanks to the changes to Spirit Week, students and staff are excited to have the opportunity to dress up as their favorite wizards, pretend they are tourists on a vacation or switch styles with their friends.

“I’m looking forward to Freaky Friday so I can switch places with one of my friends,” said 9th-grader Jasmine Villafana.

“I just wanna wear some ugly shoes and you know, some Bermuda shorts, all that jazz for Tourist Tuesday,” said Umana.

“I think I’m excited for Valentine’s Day the most because I really like the color red,” said 11th-grade student Kallayah Logan. “And also, it just brings like—a loving spirit. I think I’m going to give a few [valentine’s day grams] to people who aren’t expecting anything and I think that’ll be fun.”

Spirit Week is a week filled with laughter and fun, where students and staff can let their creativity fly and to bond with one another, bringing a positive mood into DVC.

“I’m actually looking forward to Spirit Week because it gives people a chance to bond with each other, look at each other’s outfits, and everyone gets to show their creativity,” said 12th-grade student Kemai Richardson.

“Spirit Week is important because it gives you a chance to give spirit to your school and just have everyone around you on the same page and kind of allows you to dress up and have fun with your peers,” said Logan.

Daramola said Spirit Week is an important week to display school spirit.

“I think it’s a way to build unity and community as a school,” said Daramola.