Kicking Off February


Sophomore Students at Da Vinci Communications Kickback. Photo taken by Christopher Torres.

Sarah Carrillo, Staff Writer

On Friday Da Vinci Communications started off the new month with their annual kickback allowing students to hang out and dance with their friends.

“The kickback is a part of DVC culture because it’s a way that every student can hang out with each other and have a fun time,” said freshmen Kadi Donis. “The theme for the kickback was Mardi Gras and it was different from past themes since this one represented a variety of colors and also represented DVC colors.”

Kickbacks have always been a part of what makes DVC different from other schools; it’s a time for students and teachers to come together and bond.

“Leadership had to advertise to make sure everybody came out because this is all about building school spirit,” junior Melanie Arabia who also added. “We just wanted everybody to come together and hang out, especially for the seniors last year.”

Leadership promoted the kickback in order for students to be aware of the event. The goal was for each and every student to attend especially seniors with it being their last year.

“We have a tech crew, food crew, selling crew, ticket sales and we always split it up,” said sophomore Matthew Garcia. “This comes with being a team and being able to get things done at a faster pace.”

There were many tasks that Leadership had to complete in order for the kickback to have music, food, and students attending.

“It’s a little bittersweet and kickbacks have had it’s highest of highs and lowest of lows but I enjoyed this one and I’ll miss it,” said senior committee student Jalen Carter.  

Seniors have been to kickbacks since their ninth grade year and many say that they will miss the memories that they’ve had over the years.

“I’m always going to want more and more people but at the same time, the people that do come always have a good time and that’s all we really care about in leadership,” stated Donald Puathasnanon, DVC’s Leadership advisor.  

For Leadership, it’s not about the number of people that attend but for the people who do attend for them to have a good time. There are plans and goals for more kickbacks in the future and possibly an event with all three schools.