Da Vinci Gym Update


Da Vinci Schools Gym. Photo taken by

Jordan Foster , Staff Writer

With the opening of Da Vinci’s new gym students have now been able to bring their talents to light and the community is now capable of coming out and supporting sport teams as they please.


Student opinions about the new gym have varied but most students have enjoyed using the new gym for sports such as basketball, volleyball, and even the pool.


Due to the pool being open for quite some time now, Da Vinci was able to host their first ever swim team tryouts. The new pool encouraged students to come out, swim, and experience a sport some have never tried before.


“Having a pool here at Da Vinci is good because it allows me to do what I like to do, which is swimming, on campus and I don’t have to go anywhere far,” said Senior JV swimmer Lane Butler.


Most students who swim are loving the pool for not only the swim team itself but for the swimming seminar that was introduced to Da Vinci this year. Students have described it as a new experience and as a way to get some exercise other than just running. Some students here at DVC have never swam in their life, but the pool being brought onto our campus gave them a chance to come out and swim for the team and the seminar as well.


“I think it is important that DVC has a pool because it is another milestone as well as another opportunity for students to go to college for a swimming scholarship if they choose to play the sport,” said Freshman Varsity swimmer Jaylin Henderson. “I also think it is important because we have a chance at bringing a championship to the school in swimming which brings happiness.”


The newly introduced gym contains three full-sized basketball courts and six volleyball courts. There is an empty room on the second floor which has left many students in speculation of what its purpose could be. Although unknown to many, the room has been confirmed to be a lounge area, one in which students and staff will be able to watch the gym and the pool at the same time. The room is planned to be fully furnished and complete towards the end of the school year.

“I like the new gym floors, they’re much better than the Del Aire gym floors,” said Junior Varsity Volleyball player Ethan Barragan. “I like the new athletics logo in the center of the new gym; I feel proud to be supporting and representing Da Vinci.”


There has been a recent issue with the new gym in regards to the proper shoes for the gym floor. Due to the improper shoes worn on the basketball courts, there are black marks that are noticeable on the main court. Students were upset at the markings and shared their thoughts.


“It sucks that we got this new gym and people haven’t been following the rules about the type of shoes that you have to wear on the gym floors,” said Junior JV Basketball player Ryan Simpson. “Our new gym should be treated with care.”


There is still more to come for our new gym such as the lounge room that should be complete by the end of the school year. With the addition of the new gym, the DVC culture is expected to be brought closer. Spectators now have the ability to come out and watch DVC athletics on home turf.