Best Boy Band Since One Direction


Lesley Rodriguez , Photo and Video Editor

Lines of people await one boyband, doors open and the rush of energy flows throughout the crowd as people rush to get the best spot or stand in line for merch.

Soon enough, rows of people start packing in and once the lights turned off, Roberto Ontenient, a classic figure of this band appears on the screen saying, “My name is Roberto and estamos emocionado de estar aqui.” Everyone then starts pushing at a chance to get a closer glimpse of Brockhampton.

The self-proclaimed, “Best Boy Band since One Direction,” Brockhampton was started on a Kanye West forum thread, after they started making music. They have been on people’s music library since their first album, All- American Trash.

The band went from making homemade music videos and recording in their house to being signed to RCA records, recording their fifth album ‘Iridescence’ in Abbey Road Studios.

In this past year, many changes have been made to this group, kicking out former member, Ameer Vann, after allegations of sexual misconduct arose. The ‘I’ll Be There Tour’ is the first without him, having to skip over his verses and adjust themselves on stage.

While Los Angeles wasn’t their first stop on their tour it was still very anticipated with those closing the end of their tour. These new changes of skipping ex-member verses and having to fix the energy of their fans.

Many fans in these concerts held the same concern of the band not being able to execute their performance as before. Fans in line had an overwhelming positive energy of the concert that had not started yet.

¨Brockhampton always puts on an amazing show for their fans, they interact with their fans and make sure they’re always involved,” exclaimed Anaya Ramirez, a fellow attendee of the Brockhampton concert.

Standing in a crowded room all waiting for one boy band, there might be a stereotypical demographic people will think of. Brockhamptons music reaches a larger audience more than just typical teen girls, people of all ages and races were all there to enjoy the music that has reached to them on personal levels.

While in the midst of the crowd was Reese Gonzalez, a sophomore at Da Vinci Communications. “They impact people in a positive way, their songs talk about a lot of personal things that many other can relate,” Gonzalez said.

Once the lights had dimmed, everyone in that room knew that the next hour and a half was something they wouldn’t forget for a while. The six members of this band slowly started walking on stage as phones went up and rows of sweaty people squished one another to gain a better view.

Fans in the crowd singing lyrics at the top of their lungs while members on stage danced and telling the pit to open and jump once the beat dropped. The band played songs from their new album and also from the Saturation trilogy that helped their start of fame.

“I feel like people should start listening to Brockhampton more, they deserve more recognition for the music they create and the way they carry themselves as a band can really inspire people,” said Kailee Forte, Senior at DVC and constant listener of this band.

While this past year Brockhampton has gained an immense fan base they are just getting started with their road to fame.