The Stress Of Senior Year

Vanessa Hernandez, Photo and Video Editor

The stress of senior year begun as the Da Vinci Communications 2019 senior class submitted college applications while trying to grasp school and the workload.

The Da Vinci Communications class of 2019 has spent the last months reminiscing on the last three years of high school in the midst of applying to college. The class grasping their last weeks of the first semester, quite anxious for what’s to come in the second semester.

Juniors and sophomores have found interest in their senior classmates during advisory, asking questions seniors used to ask themselves before entering senior year..

“Is it [applying to college], scary?”
“How much does each application cost?”
“Are you nervous about the outcomes?”

When asked these questions most seniors have said they do nothing but give a nervous laugh and try not to think about the topic often. Although senior Liliana Guiterrez said, “I think it’s cool that they want to ask us these questions, I’m glad we can leave an impression on students that have yet to graduate.”

In the month of October, underclassmen were given a presentation by seniors on the “Economics of College” where they learned about how to apply to college, how to manage college loans, payments, overall how to choose the best college for them.

While teaching underclassmen, the senior class had only just begun the process of applying to college. A process they thought they would be ready for, was not at all what they thought. A knit picking process gave seniors a better tolerance for patience.

It seemed to have started off on the right foot, everyone excited to take the first step in their last step of high school.

“It was a lot to do and sometimes you just had to take a break for college stuff and focus on something else. It isn’t too stressful, it just takes a lot of time and sometimes some of the things you had to go back and fix,” said Guiterrez

With projects left and right, assignments due, and college applying; it seemed as if the joy of those first steps quickly died down. While trying to keep up with school, it seemed as if the senior class began to lose the spark they were at first so happy to have.

“I think it was just the excitement of being a senior, being in our last year of high school that got to us. I mean we’re still excited, it’s just we ended up losing ourselves with trying to keep up. I think we forgot that school still goes on, and waits for no one,” said senior Matthew Ujemov.

Ujemov continued to express that the only way he was able to manage it all was by becoming more time manageable. He found it helpful to set reminders for himself as well as trying to do as much as he could to help save his time.

After the senior teachers saw where the senior work ethic was heading, Deepti Reim, the senior English teacher, decided enough was going to be enough. She wanted to push her students to be the best they could be.

Reim said, “I think that seniors have a lot on their plates and [they’re] at the end of four years. It’s a tough end of the road to get to with college applications on top of everything else. It’s a stressful year, I think it does play into your ability to get things done.”

Although Reim expressed her gratitude for the senior class, proud that her students have been able to get through the first few steps in their last steps. “My biggest piece of advice to not only seniors but every student is to remember that stress will always be there in life, but treat it as an opportunity to learn how you can cope and work through it… I really do hope they take advantage of all of this because it’s a learning step in life.”