Tis The Season Of Giving

Tis The Season Of Giving

Hailey Reyes and Jaylene Maldonado


Students and staff at Da Vinci Communications festively spread joy by creating care packages and holding a canned food drive for those who are less fortunate, all while discussing their views on the importance of giving back.

The holiday season has been deemed a time for receiving and wishing. However, students like those in National Honors Society have found a way to acknowledge the importance of giving back as well.

“I decided to introduce Operation Christmas Child with National Honor Society because I really value how Christmas is a season of giving and many children out there are not fortunate enough as we are here,” said Leah Torres, one of few leaders in NHS.

Members of NHS collaborated together to help give children around the world the materials they would need to prepare for the holiday season.

“We wrapped some presents for kids that are less fortunate than we are. A lot of people donated toothbrushes and socks and small little toys,” said Daniel Ramirez, a junior member of NHS who also spends time outside of school doing community service with his church. “We had like five people per age group for girls and boys and we donated and wrapped the presents for them.”

Funding for the care packages came from the active pizza sales that NHS held every Tuesday in the month of October in order to supply them by Christmas.

“I think it was a great opportunity to get the school involved in community outreach,” mentioned Torres. “Children from 100 different countries are able to receive a Christmas gift.”

Along with NHS was DVC’s Senior Committee who had held a canned food drive during the month of November.

“We were trying to figure out a good way to get the whole school involved in something and figured that a canned food drive would be the best option,” said Senior Jalen Carter, a member of DVC’s Senior Committee.

The canned food drive was also a competition between advisories. Whichever advisory brought in the most cans got extra points for advisory Olympics.

“I think it’s important for us to really emphasize the importance of community service,” added Carter. “It’s good to have these service events that get people together and stuff like that.”

DVC’s Leadership has also been advocating for more service events around campus, not just during the holiday season but year round. Last year, Leadership gave back to the community by holding a drive for various donations to give out to people at skid row.

“I’ve always wanted to be service event oriented because leadership is in itself doing a service for the school,” said Donald Puathasnanon, the tenth-grade Math and Computer Science teacher as well as DVC’s Leadership advisor. “I think serving the school is great but, I’d like us to also serve those outside our school.”

Donald also pointed out that the holiday season seems to be the time of year when most service events like drives and food banks are orchestrated.

“I think Thanksgiving really kind of gets it into people’s heads that they need to be grateful about things,” continued Puathasnanon. “But then Christmas it’s like a gift-giving time. I think if you combine the two, a lot of people realize, hey, we know a lot of times we have it good and a lot of times other people don’t.”

While the holiday season might be popular for a time of giving, it’s important to note that people are struggling all throughout the year, and it shouldn’t go unacknowledged.

“I think it’s important for people to give back all the time,” added Puathasnanon.“Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean that there’s more need, it’s just pointed out to more people. I think that people should consider service events all the time.”