Peer Mentors


Sarah Carrillo, Staff Writer

Mentors in the Peer Mentors seminar have come to find a variety of useful strategies to help support their mentees with their academic endeavors and ability to become a better student throughout the school year.

Peer Mentors is a seminar for students at Da Vinci Communications who desire to help struggling students by providing them with advice and further support to help them develop skills in each of their classes.

“The peer mentors seminar is a chance for students who are solid in their academics and are able to mentor fellow students who feel like they need some extra help either with an organization or maybe just keeping on track with their studies,” said teacher for peer mentors, Dani Guerrero.

The mentors have been supporting student mentees since the beginning of the year, helping them increase grade percentages in each subject by providing resources to help students better their skills in the classroom. Each mentor has different goals for their mentee, whether it’s helping them develop organization skills, teaching them how to prevent procrastination or a variety of other techniques.

“I’m always pushing my mentees to do their work on time,” said peer mentor, Danny Ramirez. “I feel if I’m able to help them to pass their classes than it would be a big accomplishment for them and for me also.”

He also stated, “One of my mentees has improved since the beginning of the semester, they were originally failing three classes but, now they are passing all their classes.”

When the seminar first began, many of the mentees appeared to be uncomfortable with the concept of having a mentor. However, as time went on, mentors had started to spend more time with their mentees, and eventually grew to build stronger relationships.

“Having a peer mentor, I am getting better at organizing my stuff and setting alarms and at the beginning of the semester I felt like I couldn’t ask for help and now I feel comfortable in asking for others help,” said 10th grader Kayla Calas. “Having a mentor has been a great experience because their not their just to see the grades but also to create a close friendship.”

The mentors learned many skills themselves in which they would like to grow and continue to help students in the next semester.

Guerrero said that she is striving towards providing more resources for the mentors next year. She is planning to provide more tools and resources for the mentors to better their mentees’ success next semester.

“I think a lot of the mentors here have some really great techniques and already have some really wonderful practices, but there are always new things and always ways that we can learn from each other,” stated Guerrero.