Election Updates


Samin Champion , Managing Editor

As a result of the 2018 midterms, America is undergoing a new status quo, and Da Vinci Communications students and faculty have strong opinions about what implications this election will have on America for the following years to come.

With this election bringing forth many first in the government including the first Muslim, Lesbian mom, and Native American congresswomen as well as the first openly gay governor along with many others, students at DVC have a lot to look forward to.

“I feel a sense of diversity coming to politics in the United States with this election,” said senior Kenneth Garcia.

As DVC resides in California, a mostly Democratic state it’s no surprise students that students at DVC would value diversity in congressional representation as the D

The Democratic party is noted to be overwhelmingly diverse compared to its Republican counterpart.

“On the Democratic side of the room, you’ve got men and women of all different races. On the other side, you’ve got a bunch of white men in dark suits, all over 55 or so,” stated Mark Pocan, the U.S. Representative for Wisconsin’s 2nd congressional district “ It’s such a contrast. That’s not representative of the country. We really need to get people making sure that everyone has a voice.”

This information is predictable as the Democratic party is known to have more diverse voters as confirmed in information gathered by Pew Research, a nonpartisan American fact tank which translates to more diverse representation.

With the Republican party having majority in both the House and Senate pre-election and a majority of open Senate seats being democratic, they were considered to be put on “defense” and had a hard battle to win.

Despite this, DVC’s U.S. Government teacher Robert Allen was “not surprised that the polls were right in suggesting that” the election would ended with Democrats holding majority over the house and Republicans continuing to hold the Senate.

“You won’t see much legislation passed because we haven’t divided Congress but, you will
probably see the congressional oversight power exercise in terms of investigations into the executive branch,” stated Allen.

Because bills require the Senate, House, and president to all agree on the components of a bill to be made into a law, the chances of legislation being passed is slim as the ideologies of Congress will now be divided.

While the United States will have little legislation passed in the next two years, the Democrats taking control of the house put them in possession of an interesting power, the ability to impeach the president.

“While we might see the impeachment process initiated by the house, the conviction of President Trump is unlikely as the Senate still has a Republican majority,” noted Garcia.

While some students might be glad to hear about the possibility for impeachment, many are unaware that impeachment is the process and trial in which the president will go through in order to be convicted, which is the removal from office.

Although the impeachment process and investigation is conducted by the house, the actual trial and decision for conviction are determined by the Senate, which is still under Republican majority making it unlikely.

With the elections finally over and as predictions are being made about the years to come it becomes increasingly apparent how important political awareness is within youth.

As politics increase and politics divide it’s becoming more apparent how important each election is and how one vote can make a difference.

“These people are some of the most powerful people in the nation, everyone’s voice should be put into consideration when these elections come around,” said Garcia. “Next time you know, just go out there and vote.”