Da Vinci´s Cross Country Comes to an End


Jordan Foster, Staff Writer

Da Vinci’s Cross Country traveled as one over the course of the year as students created relationships with fellow teammates along with their new coaches Tyler Mar and Andrew Jackson, but that road has come to an end as the team had their final meet on October 26th.

As the new season began, new athletes on the Da Vinci Cross Country team adapted to the environment, while the returning players played a bigger role this season.

Athletes created strong relationships with each other as they took on rival schools. Returning players supported the freshman and newcomers over the course of the season, making sure they felt welcomed no matter the circumstance.

“I connected with the freshman and the newcomers mainly by trying to talk to them and make them feel welcomed on this team so we can all be on the same page,” said senior cross country athlete Greg Cowgill.

As freshmen continued to transition to DVC and the team, they made new friends and met new people as the season advanced. They looked up to the returning players and relied on them for advice.

“Hasan was a big influence for me,” freshman cross country runner Carlos said, “he provided help for me since the beginning of the year which really helped me since I was new to DVC.”

Aside from getting to know teammates and creating bonds with each other, the team had to make connections with their new coaches Tyler Mar and Andrew Jackson. This was their first year coaching Cross Country at Da Vinci after the previous coach, Laura Chase, a former teacher at DVC. As some found it difficult to adjust to new coaches, they eventually began to build bonds with them.

“Mar and Jackson are friendly people and this made it easy to get to know them and create bonds that made me want to come to cross country every day and do my best,” said sophomore cross country runner Ashley Quic.

Not only did the students have to get used to this new environment, but the coaches had to get to know the students before they started the season. Mar and Jackson played a big part of the season as they had to make sure everyone was accepted and treated equally to ensure they performed even better as the season progressed.

“Coach Jackson and I spent a good amount of time, in the beginning, having a conversation with them, letting them know what we were all about and giving them a chance to share what they’re goals were and why they joined the team to build that culture of what we expect,” said Coach Mar.

The top run times of this season depicted the performance compared to last year. Performance-wise, the team may have struggled with improving some of the times last year’s team had. The top cross country time for the girls was 23 minutes and for the boys was 18 minutes and 15 minutes. Last year, the girls time was 23 minutes and 36 seconds and the boys were 17 minutes and 23 seconds.

At the end of the season, awards were given to players to acknowledge their hard work and accomplishments over the course of the cross country season. Awards were given across all three schools but DVC only won one award which was the spirit award. This award was given to Greg Cowgill for being the most spirited at the meets and practices. He was described to have encouraged his teammates to keep going and strive to be the best they can be.

“Greg definitely deserved this award, sometimes when I was slacking, he stepped up to make sure I was working hard at all times and was most definitely a big influence for this year,” said junior cross country runner Ethan Barragan.

With more improvements to come and more goals to accomplish, the Da Vinci cross country team will come back better and more confident next year. Their new coaches plan to build upon this team and make sure the team can utilize all of the special talents on this team.