Alana (Attends Da Vinci Science)


  1. Sometimes I feel like I’m in an ocean
  2. The waves pound on my skin
  3. My thoughts overwhelm me
  4. Although there’s air, I can’t breathe it in


  1. Soon enough my doubts get the best of me
  2. And I start sinking quick
  3. But in the beginning, I pretend it’s nothing
  4. I’m just a little seasick


  1. Homework, projects, sports
  2. It’s all dragging me down
  3. I know I’m not the only one
  4. I see people sinking as I look around


  1. Deeper and deeper
  2. I sink to the floor
  3. The work, it is drowning me
  4. When I think I’m done, there’s more


  1. The silence tunes out my thoughts
  2. As I fight to gasp for air
  3. But even if I reach the top
  4. I know nothing will be there
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