We are all so hungry here

Liz G

We are all so hungry here

I look at Earth

And it’s hard to see past the bloodthirsty smile and glowing eyes

Earth’s children are getting greedy again

Growing hungrier again and again and

they are a never ending starvation

I look at my house

I look at the empty space where my old tree used to be

I look at the ground

There are no fallen branches here

They have been replaced

by seeping blood coming out of newly rotten fruit

I look at my hands

They are red too

I look around

At my neighbor, my friends, the people i’ve always wanted to talk to

We are all wearing red

We are the ones that have killed Earth’s pride and beautiful gifts of auburn trees and soft fur for a game

Or a purse

Only beautiful in the eyes of our gluttony

And no matter how loud Earth’s wailing filled the air

She never stopped giving

Hoping her love will one day make us full

But we are a  never ending starvation

Mother nature only wishes we could  get full again