America’s Future, Possible Results From Midterms


James Skinner

The Midterm elections have the potential to change America in ways that it never has before; both the Democratic and Republican parties will find out their fate and decide what America’s future will hold.

With elections starting on November 6th, there can be multiple ways for a party to take control of the House of Representatives. Both Democrats and Republicans alike look to take control of the house to push their own separate agendas.

“You know there’s this blue wave, it’s been talked about and I do hope that Democrats kind of in general take over, but really I care about progressive candidates,” Rogelio Flores, the current ninth grade physics substitute teacher at Da Vinci Communications stated. “People that actually fight for the public you know not for tax breaks for the rich.”

The Republican party has a 5 in 6 chance of winning control of the House of Senate, while the Democrats have a 1 in 6 chance of taking control according to political forecast, FiveThirtyEight politics.

FiveThirtyEight politics also forecast that the Democratic party has a 6 in 7 chance in taking control of the House of Representatives while the Republican party has a 1 in 7 chance of taking control. This means that if they win that they will have more involvement in deciding laws and future propositions.

“They probably will only take the House, they probably won’t take the Senate, that leaves us with a divided government,” Rob Allen, the government teacher at DVC, mentioned. “The new Democratic majority in the House is not gonna be enough to pass legislation because you need obviously the Senate as well, so I think you’ll likely see the Democrats do the things that the House can do without controlling the Senate.”

If the Democratic party wins the House Of Representatives, they can further pursue their own agenda. This is to support immigrants and give them the rights regular citizens have, also to support gay marriage and rights and raise taxes. They will also stick with the United Nations and continue to ally and have good trust with them.

President Trump has a risk of being impeached as Democrats have pledged that they will look more into the Trump administration fit hey win the house. They will look more into issues involving Russia allegations, Trump’s personal tax returns, and justice Brett Kavanaugh according to Peter Overby, a writer for NPR in his article “Democrats Vow To Rein In Trump Administration If They Win The House”

“You’ll start to see the House use its investigative powers to look into the executive branch, You’ll see an expansion of investigations into Trump’s tax returns, you’ll see an investigation into the net neutrality of being torn up by Ajit Pie In the FCC,” Allen added. “You’ll see an investigation into things like the family separation policy of the Trump administration, and honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ll see an impeachment of Trump if the Democrats win the house.”

If the Republican party were to win the house then they have the potential to accomplish what is on the Republican agenda. Some examples are, not act on climate change, let citizens continue to bear arms, and continue to implement a free market healthcare system. Because the majority of seats will be full of Republicans, there is a higher chance that Republican bills can become laws.

“They would continue to do the traditional Republican things, you know pro-business cutting regulation lowering taxes policies, would take into the shot at dismantling Obamacare but I don’t know if they would do that for sure because I think Obamacare is more popular now than it was before, it’s harder to get rid of an entitlement passed originally,” Allen remarked. “It’s possible that any investigation in Trump and his business and Russia might have a harder time and depending on the outcome of the Mueller investigation, it’d be a lot more friendly to Trump if the Republicans continue to help Congress.”

This would have the potential to cause a huge disappointment for Democratic voters as they were highly expected to before the Midterms started.

“It would be a big disappointment because I’m putting in so much effort and I see so many people putting in so much effort to get the democrats to go out and vote,” Matthew Ujemov, a current DVC senior discussed. “In seeing all these great efforts and seeing all these rallies that are happening, all of their hard work would be for nothing,”

The results of the election depend on just how many people are going out and voting. If only one group of people vote, then the other side won’t have a shot at winning. The more people that vote the clearer the democracies desires will be.