Stress: Healthy And Unhealthy Ways To Cope With It


James Skinner, Web Editor

Stress: Healthy And Unhealthy Ways To Cope With It

Students and staff at Da Vinci Communications are stressing more now that the school year is in mid-semester and exhibition is in one month. There are many healthy and unhealthy ways students can respond to stress.

For freshmen, the amount of work given in high school can be more stressful than what was given in middle school, which can lead to more stress.

“Middle school I feel like we had more work and they just gave it to us and said here just do it, and here they put in parts of the work to make you understand it more,” Cameron Fisk, a current DVC Freshman said.

Karla Mondragón, 9th grade Spanish teacher, emphasized the importance of organization. She stated that the more organized that students are, the less stressed they will be.

“When they [9th grade students] experience this for themselves they can experience how important it is to do all of their work in time and it’s kind of beyond that mindset of being organized, prepared, planning, and not procrastinating,” said Mondragón, the ninth grade Spanish teacher.

Throughout every grade students may struggle with some type of stress. Freshmen and sophomores are still adjusting to high school, juniors and seniors are focused on finding what colleges they would like to attend.

“I love being organized so I know what to expect,” Stacey España, an eleventh-grade student teacher said.

España said that she recommends that students write down their assignments in a planner on a daily basis.

“I love planners I think that’s a huge stress reliever that is huge if your organized and if you’re doing something for yourself,” España said.

There are multiple ways to deal with stress. Certain methods are better than others; it all depends on the person. There are those who take small breaks and naps and others who turn to family or friends to take their minds off of work.

“Healthy ways, from what I’ve heard, you just kind of acknowledge what you got to do and then kind of think like you’re not superman, your not like Albert Einstein you’re in school for a reason, and that is for you to become a better person,” Giovanni Leal, a DVC senior stated.

Different students and teachers have different stress-relief and work management strategies.

“I watch football every Sunday so that motivates me to get my work done so I will get all my work done by Saturday,” España said. “I love to work out and I love to spend time with my family. I think those two things help me a lot. My family only brings me happiness and joy they are just everything to me so spending time with them is awesome.¨

It’s crucial in times of stress to not turn to habits that can negatively impact your health such as eating too much food, taking drugs, and taking it out on others.

On the mental health website Very Well Mind, Elizabeth Scott, a wellness coach, wrote in her article “5 Unhealthy Ways People Respond To Stress,” “if eating the wrong things becomes the main coping mechanism for stress, it can lead to compromised health, excessive weight, and additional stress stemming from these effects. A poor diet can cause additional stress also by leading to blood sugar imbalances that make stressful situations seem more overwhelming.”

Many people express stress in different ways that can sometimes not only affect themselves, but can also affect others.

“I’ve noticed one of the very common things kids like to do is take it out on other people so we’re working on that,” España said.

España said that getting upset with others or giving up on work are not good ways to manage stress.

Stress affects everyone in different ways, with that there are many positive and negatives ways people cope with it. Stress is something that occurs throughout life, but the many coping mechanisms out there can help a person fight it.