The Meditation Pod


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Christian Espinosa, Staff Writer

Da Vinci Communications is the fourth school in the U.S. to have the Somadome, an interactive pod made to give users a sense of serenity.

The Somadome is for DVC staff and students to use in times of stress. Tyler Mar, junior Biology teacher, facilitated the partnership between the Somadome and DVC. The Somadome is currently at DVC as part of Somadome’s Pods 4 Peace program.

“In 2014, I used to work with the creator of the Somadome, Sarah Attia, and she just had a prototype of the Somadome and she wanted to get some research done to launch her company,” said Mar. “So luckily, I was able to partner with her.”

When Attia found out that Mar was working at a high school, Attia wanted to test out the meditation pod with students because of the Somadome’s use of color therapy, guided meditation, and calming sounds.

After Mar first experienced the Somadome he said that he felt more relaxed.

“I know firsthand that I come out very refreshed myself and that it has helped me to focus, especially if my brain is in a fog,” he said.

Going into the Somadome can improve the way people function for the rest of the day. According to the Somadome website, the benefits that it offers include lowering blood pressure, an increase in serotonin, boosted the immune system, increase in creativity, focus, and it can help decrease anxiety. Color therapy, binaural beats, and microcrystalline tiles are all part of the Somadome.

The Somadome uses binaural beats to relax the brain, help with learning and increase memory. Color therapy can help speech, communication and intuition. Last is the microcrystalline tiles which are in the seats.  The tiles can help increase calmness and block electromagnetic fields.

The meditation pod is very convenient and helpful to high school students. It can help manage the stress that students have during the school year.

“So usually I use the relax mode and the sleep mode,” said Amari Smith, a DVC senior who has been in the Somadome five times.

Whenever Smith comes out of the somadome she feels relaxed.

“Right after the somadome I’m so relaxed, but I’m also feeling so drowsy like I just want to sleep longer,” said Smith.

When using the relax mode, Smith said that it knocks her out very quickly because of the lights and the sounds that play through the headphones. Some components that Smith wishes the somadome would offer is being able to adjust volume levels and adjust the seating.

The Somadome also includes a fan that comes from both sides of the pod.

“I was in the snooze mode and when I first went in I put on the fan. It felt weird and I kind of felt bored the first 5 minutes, but then I knocked out,” said Samaiya Collins a 10th grader at DVC. “ I woke up out of nowhere and heard a chime.”

Increasingly more students are signing up for the Somadome. Throughout the year, the Somadome is going to continue to be a place for students and staff to relieve relinquished stress.


*A previous version of this story incorrectly spelled Sarah Attia’s last name as Atiyah. The spelling has been corrected.

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