Da Vinci’s Gym Projected to Open in November


Gym Construction

The Da Vinci School’s gym is almost complete and while has a tendency to be pushed back, the gym currently has a projected finish date of November 2018.

Because of the ambiguity revolving the gym features, purposes, and opening date, many students find themselves confused on its layout and uses.

“It’s really big, the whole facility has a huge weight room that opens up to the outside like a covered outdoor area, with a massive gym that has three full-size basketball courts, and a really big Olympic-sized plus pool,” said Math, Computer Science, and Weightlifting teacher, Andy Galbraith.

The gym was designed by architecture firm Gensler, the same firm that designed the school building. On the Wiseburn Unified School District Website, it states, “Designed by Gensler and David Stephen of New Vista Designs for 21st Century Learning, award-winning architectural design firms known for delivering design innovation and flexible learning spaces.”

Construction has taken place Monday through Friday and sometimes on the weekends.

“I think they’re coming to an end to the project,” said Jackie Martinez, office manager. “It’s getting to the point where they already can’t park inside anymore because there’s already a lot of construction being set up.”

The future plan for the gym’s uses could substantially increase school spirit and the use of space.

Galbraith has stated that the gym is to be open for seminars, after school and before school clubs, sports teams, and possibly a functioning gym for the public/community to use.

“We’re going to be able to use our existing equipment and get more equipment for weightlifting and for the gym in general,” Galbraith continued. “Everyone’s going to be able to do their Crossfit classes, we’ll be able to do our weight training classes the same as we do now but it’ll just be more professional and in a much better space to work in.”

Macie Legaspi, a junior at DVC and a member of the volleyball team said that she is really excited about the new gym.

“There’s gonna be a lot more light allowance and hopefully be air conditioned because god knows in Del Aire, the gym where we usually practice it gets really, really hot especially during our summer practices,” Legaspi said. “So I’m really excited about the new gym because it’ll have newer appliances and easier to work out when it’s not 80 degrees inside.”

The new Da Vinci gym is different from the Del Aire gym in many ways.

Tekeste Tekeste, a senior at DVC and a member of the 2018-19 basketball team, discussed that he is excited about the new floors because the Del Aire gym was always “slippery, and hard to get grip on the shoes.” He also mentioned that he’s very pleased to finally have “a home gym.”

The Da Vinci School’s gym construction is finally coming to an end and students and teachers are excited to see the increase in the use of sports and school spirit.