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Adjusting to DVC Culture

DVC Students working

DVC Students working

DVC Students working

Vienna Perez and Daphne Piña

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Being a freshman or transfer can be difficult when adjusting to new school norms and culture.

Da Vinci Schools consists of three different high schools: Science, Design and Communications. Each school has their own unique culture brought together by the Da Vinci motto “We do things differently.” Da Vinci Communications, in particular, promotes an environment where everyone is welcomed and accepted. However, adjusting to the culture of DVC may be a difficult transition for new students.

At DVC students are given the chance to build a relationship with their teachers and staff.

“When I first got to DVC I was kind of confused why the older students were so close with the teachers; it took time to get used to but now I understand and can build my own relationships with my own teachers,” he said.

Students are able to talk, ask for help, and build trust with their teachers to better their education.

When becoming a student at DVC it is less likely that someone would be judged or bullied“DVC culture means that you have the ability to be whoever you want to be without being judged,” said Perry Ellis, a sophomore.

Many believe there is a sense of family, safety, and stability.

Since the school is small and has fewer students it’s very united as a whole, students can work together and rely on each other.

Presenting is a big part of DVC due to the fact that the school focuses on communications. Adam Eynon, the Assistant Principal of Da Vinci Communications, confirmed that DVC students do in fact tend to present more than the ordinary high schools.

With more and more students attending each year, Da Vinci Communications culture will continuously adjust and grow to its full potential.

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About the Writers
Vienna Perez, Staff Writer

Vienna Perez is a junior at Da Vinci Communications. She plays soccer and is a dancer on DVPC. She is very outgoing and loves to do things out of her comfort...

Daphne Piña, Staff Writer

Daphne Piña is a junior at DVC. She tends to spend the majority of her time taking care of her baby brother, but when she isn’t taking care of her baby...

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One Response to “Adjusting to DVC Culture”

  1. Andrew Daramola on September 28th, 2018 11:46 am

    Great job, Vienna & Daphne! This was a well-written and informative article about what makes our unique culture.

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Adjusting to DVC Culture