DVC Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Geovani Espinoza and Jaylene Maldonado


Over 5,979,000 people of either Hispanic or Latinx descent reside here in the Los Angeles area, according to Pew Research Center.

National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated every year from September 15th through October 15th. Throughout the month people all over the nation recognize the importance of Hispanic and Latin American contributions to the U.S. With cultural and global awareness becoming a Habit of Mind and 21st Century Skill this school year, Hispanic Heritage months culture and importance is now celebrated intensely at Da Vinci Communications.

“It’s also just really good to understand and learn about different types of cultures,” said Donald Puathasnanon, 10th grade Math and Computer Science teacher. “It’s important to know culture because it’s applicable. I feel a culture is overlooked sometimes, but it’s really important to someone’s character.¨

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month is more than just celebrating a culture; it’s also celebrating a large population at DVC as many of our students are Hispanic or Latinx.

The celebration began on September 15th because in 1821 five different Latin American countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua, declared independence.

Many do not know the meaning behind the important month. Chris Torres, a senior said, “ I know some of the reasons so I was taught that Mexico’s pretty much independent, so them fighting for their independence is what they did in that time period as far as I know.”

Cinco de Mayo being Mexico’s independence day is a common misconception that exists today.

“Before, it used to just be that you have certain groups celebrating certain days that are independence days, so people get confused,” said Spanish Teacher Karla Mondragon. “And they think Cinco de Mayo, Mexico’s independence but it’s not. It’s actually the 16th of September and it’s a big deal in Mexico.”

She said that Hispanic Heritage Month encompasses different Latin American countries.

Hispanic Heritage Month is a great platform to show off and embrace Latin American culture; it is also an opportunity for people who are not Hispanic or Latinx to learn more about a culture that is new to them within our school community.

Learning about different cultures can help a person get an understanding of how they were raised and different views and beliefs they might have based on their culture.

“It’s important to me because many of our students are of Latino heritage, but it’s also just really good to understand and learn about different types of cultures,” said Puathasnanon.

While Hispanic Heritage Month is coming to a close October 15, the dialogue of embracing and celebrating Hispanic should be all year around.

Matthew Garcia, a sophomore at DVC said, “It really to me is stupid because we should be learning about this all throughout the year.”

Even though Hispanic Heritage month only happens once a year, it is important that the culture is recognized every day. As DVC continues to expand, it is important to continue to learn about the different cultures that students here embrace.