Introducing The New Teachers At DVC

Sarah Carrillo


Sarah Carrillo , Staff Writer

As Da Vinci Communications continues to evolve, seven new teachers are being welcomed into DVC culture.

“I really enjoy it here and just finding that pretty much, for the most part, everyone gets along and everyone’s really supportive of each other,” said Dani Guerrero, a new member of DVC’s staff and 10th Grade World History teacher, “There’s a lot of high energy here.”

Being at DVC for a short amount of time, students have already given a positive impression to their teachers. DVC is always about having a positive environment between both staff and students.

Stacey España, an 11th grade English Student Teacher explained “I came here because I have a degree in child and adolescent development and I have already had experience with children,” she said. “So I was like, now it’s time to get experience with adolescence. And so I thought this will be a one-year thing you know, but I fell in love with it. I fell in love with the kids. I fell in love with the kind of impact that you make and I’m very passionate about it. And so I don’t think professionally I’ve ever felt happier in my life.”

Most of the teachers have felt that coming to DVC has made a huge positive impact on their life while making huge impacts on students’ lives. They want this experience to be a memorable experience for themselves and their students.

New teachers at DVC have come from different backgrounds, experiences, and ways of teaching students.

“I expect students to, at the very least attempt to do the work, I voice this almost daily,” said Gerardo Sandoval, a new 10th grade Math and Computer Science teacher. It doesn’t have to be the correct answer. It doesn’t even have to be perfect. But just show me that you’re making some kind of attempt.”

The teachers want their students to succeed to the best of their ability. The amount of effort a student puts into their class is much better than not trying at all.