New Lunch Company at DVC


Hailey Reyes , Staff Writer

Rolling into the 2018-2019 school year, students and staff at Da Vinci Communications have come to find that there is a new lunch company serving Da Vinci Schools.

Lunch acts as a free time for most students to unwind, relax, and of course, to eat. Recently, what many returning students have come to recognize is that Da Vinci Schools has a new lunch company providing their meals.

Jeremy Williams, a sophomore at DVC, said, “I haven’t tasted all the foods that have been served yet. So I’m trying to really get a feel for how good some of the stuff is.”

Da Vinci’s new lunch company Chartwells expresses that part of their promise, as stated on their website is, “To extend our passion, dedication, knowledge, and enthusiasm into serving each student delicious and nutritious meals.”

Da Vinci’s previous food vendor was Revolution Foods, to which the students and lunch staff have come to be familiar with over the years. So why has Da Vinci switched lunch companies?

Sara Deulofeu, the Operations Administrator for Da Vinci Schools, says that a big reason for the switch in companies were the opportunities that came with the new building.

“Since we moved to this new facility we thought, okay, we’re going to build a kitchen, and we are,” Deulofeu said.

Deulofeu goes on to explain how there is a wall in the multi-purpose room that will be knocked down in the next year or so in order to have a “full-blown kitchen” to cook in.

“So once we start cooking here, we’ll be freer to cook a little bit more items that can be fresh,” she said. “And so we hired Chartwells, who’s our partner.”

When Da Vinci Schools sent out their Request for Proposal, Chartwells was one of few companies who put in a bid to serve Da Vinci Schools.

“They came in under price, what we were asking for, and it was just a better choice for us,” Deulofue added. “And it works out too that they kind of are using the kitchen over at Wiseburn, at Dana, until we have our own kitchen.”

Being able to use Dana Middle School’s kitchen has benefited the school tremendously. The hot items that are now being served to the students are prepared fresh at Dana and are later being assembled at Da Vinci.

“Everything is different,” said Karla Evains Barnett, a food server who works in the multi-purpose room. “All the food now is fresh. We prepare everything now.”

The “we” that she is referring to are the “crew” at Dana that prepares all of the hot food offered in our cafeteria. Barnett’s partner, Elizabeth Davila, said that the students like the food that they have been seeing.

Williams had some positive thoughts after going down to try out the new lunch.

“It just tasted better,” he said. “Like it was more effort put into making it, than just like, putting it in a microwave or having it held in the fridge for however long.”

Williams is one of many students that receive lunch from the cafeteria. There are, however, many students who don’t go downstairs but bring their own lunch from home.

Senior Trina Umaña noted, “I always make myself lunch or my mom will bring me lunch so it’s like, I don’t really need anything.”

Regardless of where a student’s food is coming from, it is extremely important to be eating a nutritious lunch every day. According to an article written by former United States Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, “Medical authorities and nutrition researchers have documented that youngsters who eat nutritious meals every day and lead active lifestyles tend to excel.”

“Food, you know, whatever you’re eating, it helps you to just regenerate, to kind of go on to the next step,” said Deulofeu. “I’m hoping the kids are getting more you know, more enticed by the food that we’re serving and that they come in and they try it.”