Senior Events: Review and Preview

The Seniors on the bus ready for a fun night at Disneyland.

The Seniors on the bus ready for a fun night at Disneyland.

Erica Bentley, News Editor

As the year comes to an end, seniors are struggling to finish the school year with a bang; but, with the stress to maintain grades comes a longing for the easy and fun senior year promised by parents and friends. In the midst of the overbearing anxiety and stress, it is exciting to look forward to several senior events.

This year’s graduating seniors have already experienced a few events that reminded  them of the fun and excitement that comes with being a senior. Senior spirit week, the senior luncheon, and prom, have been the sneak peeks to what is truly about to unveil.

There is, however, still time to have fun and look forward to the days that bring the class of 2018’s high school career to a close.

Friday, June 1st, 2018, the seniors headed off for grad night at Disneyland, to create amazing new experiences, while partying all night to take off pressure that finals and senior project presentations have placed on them.

The first senior event that comes up after grad night is the senior picnic which will take place at Veterans Memorial Park which reaches out onto the beach. Seniors can expect a day of fun, relaxation, and food after finals are over.

The senior breakfast is a fun and surprising event in which seniors are treated to a complimentary breakfast that parents and teachers often plan, with the help of senior committee. It’s a time of bonding, and marks the senior class being done with their most difficult tasks of the year.

Senior breakfast is often the day before graduation as a way to start off the day right and continues with awards before seniors make their way to graduation practice. After breakfast, seniors are given the infamous “paper plate awards” along with the stoles for the clubs the seniors have participated in.

The easiest way to explain “paper plate awards” is to say they are similar to superlatives that the Da Vinci Communications staff comes up with for the students they have come to know and will soon send off.

For graduation, there are two very important members of the senior class that are now Valedictorian and Student Speaker: Camryn Marble and Wendy Rodriguez.

“I felt really happy that I was chosen to represent the graduating class!” Rodriguez expressed. “It’s an exciting and scary moment for me, because I’m glad that I will be able to share out stories with our family and friends who decide to attend graduation.”

It’s quite an exciting time, when seniors are sizzling down to their last days of high school and making their way toward, not the real world, but just beginning to fully face the adult world and see what they can make of it.

“I never thought I’d be looking forward to graduation,” Keely Gwynne, a senior at DVC reflected. “I’ve always been scared of the future, but after four amazing years of being with friends and becoming a more confident and well-rounded person, I feel like I can face anything.”

The seniors have been through an extensive and definitely interesting four years. As the curtains fall on the high school career of the class of 2018, they turn to reflect upon the experiences that they have had and continue to grow from.