Artists of DVC


Ruben Casanova (left), Zoe Fontenot (middle), and Chloe Abeyta (right) making music.

Sophia Szekely, Staff Writer

Within the halls of Da Vinci Communications lies more than students participating in Computer Science, Journalism or Strategic Communications. Believe it or not, DVC has many talented artists at this school. Whether it be poetry, painting or music, creativity at this school goes beyond communication pathways.

It can be difficult to be recognized as an artist when going to a Communications school with a focus on presentation assessments such as Presentations of Learning. 

There are students at Da Vinci who  These students at DVC talked about their artistic lives outside and inside of school.


Macie Legaspi, a sophomore at DVC, has a passion for playing guitar. When asked what her favorite outlet to express herself in was she replied, “I would say guitar. I think because I can alway learn something new and I’m still working on it and it’s really rewarding when you finally learn a difficult song. That’s a great feeling.” Having played for four years, her go to songs are, “Yesterday” by The Beatles. Another song by them I’m working on is “Black Bird”.  A couple of Willie Nelson songs one of them is “Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain” .”


A junior at DVC, D’Artagnon Fulton has been writing poetry and songs since the seventh grade. “I think it’s my own experience and my own feelings because it really helps me understand myself and get in touch with the way I feel and interact with others,” he said when asked what his biggest inspirations are. For a while D’Artagnon was not sure how to find his voice. When discovering his sexuality, this true self came to light. “Well I identify as LGBT so I am really passionate about that. I really want people to be true to themselves. I really want everyone to just be compassionate  and understand and love each other. That just my entire life purpose.”


Elizabeth Gonzales, another junior, also known as Liz, practices poetry during her free time. “A lot of main themes I have are about being brown mostly because I used to not be proud of being Hispanic.” she continues,“So since I’ve learned more about my culture I’ve been really proud of it. I’ve decided to write a lot on it.” she stated when asked about the main themes in her writing.


Giovanni Ruiz is a senior at DVC and has been writing on and off for a total of six years. Gio explained how he continued to write in high school with other work due, “Because I would start of with an assignment, like forced poetry, and then from that I would write two or three other poems and then I would stop until I got the next assignment,” he said how school assignments helped him sustain his poetry writing. “I feel like I try to take an aggressive stand on my views for poetry. So I’ve written poetry about social issues or how I feel about X,Y,Z.” He stated when talking about his passions showing in his poems. Having performed a poem at Community Dialog, also known at CD, he is on a path to success.