‘Tis the Season of Stressin’


Photo of Google Slides used when presenting at DVC

Lesley Rodriguez , Staff Writer

Most American high school students are in a time of high stress right now while taking finals. While many Da Vinci students still get finals, they also complete one of Da Vinci’s signature practices Presentations of Learning (POL).

During this time students across grade levels can all bond over one thing, stress. The way that people deal with stress is all different, especially teenagers having to deal with the stress of school and home life.

Elizabeth Gonzales, a junior at Da Vinci Communications, a student in honors and different clubs talks about her method of dealing with stress and the people around her, “I rant a lot to other people but I do know that almost everyone I talk to also rants about their problems and it  just becomes this circle of venting out our frustrations in the open.”

The Mayo Clinic claims that stress can cause: headaches, muscle tensions, and upset stomach. Stress also affects behavior, the Mayo Clinic states stress can affect your mood and behavior by making you feel overwhelmed, giving you a lack of focus, and making you socially withdrawn and irritable.

Having stress bottled up inside of a person isn’t healthy, having a group of friends that allows you to release the pent-up frustration is always good and it will feel better after it’s all said and done.

Last minute work and preparing for POL’s can be a pain for everyone, including teachers. While it might feel as if teachers aren’t considerate of the amount of work they give students alongside other core classes, they work with each other to move deadlines. Although it may not seem like it, they are working towards preparing students for college and the workload they will receive.

Teachers don’t always show it but deep down during this time they are also stressed, having to grade work that was due earlier in the month, wrapping up the last project of the year and having to grade the latest content students have learned.

Andrew Daramola, a history teacher at DVC, explains how he deals with stress, “There’s always a priority for what’s important to get done and what can wait, and I have to remember to take time for myself and not constantly think about what might be stressing me.”

According to the American Heart Association, when stress is catching up with you doing these activities for 10-15 minutes can help alleviate the pressure of the stressful situation.

  • Make art – (Draw, Color, Paint, or play a musical instrument).
  • Read a good book or magazine.
  • Meet up friends to go out to eat.  
  • Play a sport.
  • Listen to music and explore new music.   

While this year might be nice to look back on, everyone’s waiting to end this stressful year and begin fresh with a new school year.

This time around there is a slight change in the environment, you can feel the panic mixed with excitement. Trying frantically to save grades and at the same time, anticipating the summer.

Jeremy Bertan, a freshman at DVC,  exclaimed, “My mood changes. I become more serious and stop messing around and I get more work done, but I also tend to get frustrated more easily.”

The whole school first needs to get through finals and POL’s, remember that being stressed is normal and to tackle what seems like a pile of work little by little and it’ll be over sooner than you know it.

Students, you got this! Plan, rethink, and execute as needed.  Push yourself to do your best, but know that you don’t have to be perfect. – Daramola.