The New Sports Home Of The Wolf Pack Is Almost Complete

The schools gym in the process of being built .

The school’s gym in the process of being built .

James Skinner , Staff Writer

The Wiseburn High School gym is still under construction and is set to be finished in October 2018. The squeaky new floor set to be emblazoned with a shiny wolf logo in the center should lead to an increase of fan support for Da Vinci Schools.

Construction workers broke ground on the gym in the summer of 2017, and they elected to break the building procedure into phases.

Phase one was to finish the school building as swift as possible so that all Da Vinci Schools could move in. Phase two is now to complete the gym, pool, and field.

Production has typically gone on from Monday through Friday and periodically on the weekends. Chris Jones the COO at Da Vinci Schools has information on the advancements of the gym.

Jones mentioned that the task they are currently working on is, “enclosing the envelope of the building, the roof and the walls, what they can do when they have that done is run the air conditioning system and climitize the building.”

The gym has been postponed due to atrocious weather conditions. What was originally prepared to be fulfilled during the summer is now looking to be revealed in the fall, unfortunately.

The tasks that currently remain for the gym is to enclose the building, complete the interior, and conclude by inserting the floor.

According to Jones, “it’s not a finalized timeline, there are still some things that could push it back.” If the weather can stay persistently stable throughout the summer then the gym should be accessible by October of 2018.

Jones voiced that the gym will also consist of a “cool” Da Vinci Wolves logo in the center and that there will also be various setups. While practice is in session there can be either three basketball courts or six volleyball courts. For basketball, the nets will maneuver down from the roof of the gym, and the volleyball nets will be installed with the use of transportable posts within the floor.

¨That will be great for seminars or for different things after school, running multiple practices,¨ Jones added, “I think they will love it; it’s gonna be a great addition to our whole program.”

With the gym inclusion, Da Vinci Schools now has an addition of space to do multiple activities; the addition also equips sports teams with an authentic location to call home.

A pool will be introduced as well, which is presently in the process of being finished, although the dominant focus right now is the gym. The pool should follow along briefly after.

The pool costs 12.6 million dollars and should be completed around the same time as the gym. Currently, the base of the pool is in place, and they are now trying to get the last few parts in sync.

Walter Thompson, a junior at DVC said, “beforehand our games were not really that great because our court used to be at a public gym for the park, but with our own gym we can have access when we want to, and we can actually have our games and practices without any interruptions from people and the general public.”

Transitioning from the Del-Air Park gym to the Wiseburn School District gym will bring a hefty change for Da Vinci´s current athletes.

Tekeste Tekeste, a current junior at DVC and member of the 2017-18 basketball team discussed that, “coach Rudd said that there are three courts so now during volleyball season they can use one court, we can use one court and somebody else can use the other and that gives us more time to practice and get better at the game.”

The new gym differentiates from the Del-Air gym in multiple ways. Mason Zetina, a current freshman at DVC and member of the 2017-18 basketball team mentioned that he is most excited about the new floors because they will be better than the previous location, and the locker rooms because there will be more space available for players.

The Da Vinci Schools campus is coming closer to completion more and more every day and these projects will be a huge addition for Da Vinci students.