The Final Countdown


Erica Bentley (12), Matthew Ujemov (11), Riley Arnold (12), Wendy Rodriguez, and Tatiana Uribe are playing Settlers of Catan and bonding as the senior class gets closer to graduating

Ale Pacheco, Features Editor

As a senior class, we’ve had about a thousand and one individual memories we can recall in the coming years. From the terror that was the Civilization project to the only thing teachers remember us for, the Green/Brown Space, we’ve got a story unlike the previous graduating class to tell.

The class of 2017 was the first, the first born (if you will) for the school, and we’re the stubborn little sibling that tries their best to impress. Whether it be from our acceptances to colleges alone or our wild sense of humor, we’re the class of 2018 with an immeasurable amount of sass and flair that no other class will probably ever reach.

There are, of course, things we messed up royally. Such as our deadlines, the amount of absences we all get in a semester alone and our iconic ability to always be late to a field trip.

In all honesty, we’re doing pretty well considering all the trials that come with senior year, especially the ones at Da Vinci.

“It was hard in the first semester and we have a lot of projects at the end of the year too. It’s senioritis and a lot of work,” Jennifer Lynn Johnson, a current senior said.

Of course every year of highschool can be hard, but senior year is the time you’re supposed to become adults and find a college to attend. It’s the year where education and figuring out what you want to do with your life either makes or breaks you.

“Sometimes it’s because of the projects and the scholarships, but sometimes it’s just senioritis and I just don’t wanna do anything,” Arryana Sandoval, another senior, mentioned when it came to the stress of finding a college she wanted to attend  and college applications.

There’s a multitude of things happening all at once. You’re excited for Prom, but you also have an essay due next week. You want to pay for your grad-night ticket, but you forget all week about it because you’re trying to finish up that last project and not forget (for what feels like the millionth time) to buy your yearbook.  Not to mention actually enjoying your friends company once in a while.

Senior year is a stress ball, no doubt about it, but we also make memories in the process of leaving. We had Prom, we’re going to grad-night today (what could be better than Disneyland?), and we completed our last POL ever. It feels like just yesterday we were nervous for our first presentation and now we’ve reached the last one of our entire lives.

There are, however, some tips to surviving this stressful year.

First and foremost? Start your search for colleges.

“Do your scholarships ahead of time and [with] so many deadlines, you’re not gonna meet them in time and when it comes to college apps and all that, do them on time. Also do your ACT if you haven’t done it yet,” Johnson advised, hoping that the next class remembers to keep up with college, as it defines a large part of your future.

If you’re not sure what you want to study, plenty of colleges have surveys to help you discover majors or minors you like. For example, there’s a survey  by Loyola University Chicago to help you discover majors you might enjoy, which could lead to you finding schools where that major is specialized.

Not only are college searches important, but keeping up your grades is vital. What makes a school want to take you if you’re grades slipped from Junior year to Senior year?

“Honestly that was the biggest struggle, keeping up with all the projects and making sure I didn’t wreck my grades out of accidental laziness,” Merit Abshire, another senior said, feeling ready to leave, but still finishing the last semester strong. “I’m going to DVX to get used to my hearing aid, but I have plans to go to LMU afterwards, so I wanna keep my grades up for that.”

And the biggest point to remember during the final throw is: enjoy everything while you can, as cheesy as it sounds. You can only have so many memories with your friends, you only have one yearbook from your last year, and you can only have one Prom. It’s important to take a minute and look back every once and awhile, remember that projects aren’t always the priority.

“I just tried to have fun, make memories while I could. I have had a lot of good times here with my friends and good memories with some teachers too. I just think we all need to remember to take a break sometimes, to live a little bit,” Elaiza Villegas, also a senior, summed up.

In the end, senior year is a stressful, a void of endless struggle, but also a final chapter, a conclusion to a long awaited journey- finally reaching that graduation destination we so readily deserve.