Family members of Hannah Bell, who was shot and killed. Her family mourning her unexpected death.

Family members of Hannah Bell, who was shot and killed. Her family mourning her unexpected death.

Kayla Mitchell, Staff Writer

¨It’s not making no sense that all these parents are losing their children over this senseless violence. You have to stop,¨ Bridget Green stated in an interview about the murder of her 15-year-old son.

Monyae Ikeyli Jackson, 15, was shot on May 13, 2018, and was pronounced dead two days later. Jackson, along with La´marrion Upchurch, 15, who was pronounced dead at the scene, and two others were walking east of Manchester and Broadway, where they were fatally shot.

Since this shooting many people in the Los Angeles area and in general have become more vocal on these senseless acts of juvenile homicide. According to the Los Angeles Times’ Homicide Report, there have been 24 documented homicides with victims between the ages of 3 and 17 in the past 12 months.

Diego Morales, a junior at Da Vinci Communications, stated, “I feel like it’s gotten worse [gun violence] and that’s just because some people I know have gotten guns, mostly given to them.”

Gun laws in California are among some of the strictest in the country but shootings still occur every day.  It’s very common to hear about a fatality due to gun violence on the news.

Kemai Richardson, a DVC junior, reminisces on the death of her uncle, Sean Richardson, who was shot and killed on Memorial Day 2008. Richardson was enjoying quality time with family members and was murdered only a few hours later.

“He was shot 8 or 12 times in the heart and he died on the street. It was Memorial Day and he left the house at a family event and it was like 1 o’clock in the morning and they were like, ‘you sure you want to leave, you sure’ and then he was like ¨I got it¨ and he starts walking home and then they killed him,” said Richardson.

Many students at Da Vinci have experienced the loss of a loved one due to gun violence. Often times these events are heartbreaking.

“We don’t celebrate Memorial Day and that side of the family doesn’t really do special things anymore and gather so now it’s like a broken family tradition,” Richardson expressed.

These fatalities have turned days of happiness and rejoice to days of regret and sadness. Just like Richardson was murdered on a day of remembrance, 15 year old La’marrion Upchurch, was killed on Mother’s Day. It was supposed to be a day of a son appreciating his mother but it turned into a day of mourning.

Another victim of gun violence, Hannah Ronyae’ Bell, 15, was standing outside of a burger stand in Los Angeles when she was shot. Bell was visiting a family member when she decided to walk to a local burger stand to get something to eat. She stood in line waiting for her order and then was fatally shot.

According to ABC7 Eyewitness News, Bell’s aunt, Karen Winzer stated, “I can’t see her getting married, I cannot see her go to college – you know why? Because some person came and took her life away.”

Bell’s family and friends weren’t expecting this tragedy to happen, she was simply going to get something to eat when her life was taken away from her.

At Da Vinci principals, teachers, and counselors want to assure that each student is as safe as they can be within the Da Vinci campus. If students at Da Vinci experience the loss of a loved one they can reach out to a counselor, teacher or parent. Students are encouraged to stay safe and to be aware of their surroundings.