Summertime is the Time

Jimmy Martir, Staff Writer

Summer 2018 is right around the corner and there are major things to check off bucket lists in this season of heat.

 The last day of school for Da Vinci Communications (DVC) students is June 14, a minimum day. The first day of summer vacation opens the door to many new possibilities. Some students will be traveling out of the country, doing summer college course classes, summer internships, summer programs, sports, and much more.

With summer vacation you get a chance to do a lot of things you couldn’t on school days. Two months of break from school is enough time to do whatever you desire. Along with doing anything that favors you, it could also be the time to participate in something you enjoy.

Christopher Torres, a junior at DVC, said he will be conducting photo shoots during the summer. “I like doing photo shoots or taking pictures in general because you can catch moments in the picture,” said Torres. “Taking a picture is something you can look back at and just remember the moments within it. Along with the moments, the art in the pictures. It’s just a beautiful thing.”

Summer college classes and internships are great for high school transcripts. Destiny Ceja, a junior here at DVC, is attending a college course and doing an internship during the summer. What summer college course is still yet to be decided, but for sure she is attending. 

Besides the summer college class, she is completing a summer internship. The summer internship is at the Manhattan Beach Aquarium and is for kids ages 4-11, although she says most of the kids that are in the program are from 4-7. She will be teaching kids about sea creatures as well as helping give out snacks, and watching the beach.

“It’s kind of like babysitting but its several kids and more responsibility since they aren’t family and you are near waters which can be dangerous sometimes,” she stated.

Traveling is a common thing to do during summer. Isaak Mouring, another junior at DVC, is traveling to New Mexico and Arizona to go see colleges. Specifically, The University of New Mexico and Arizona State University.

“I’m actually very impatient until summer because I really wanna go see these schools,” Isaak Mouring mentioned. “These are the schools that I’m interested in. Just imagine standing there on the campus and looking around.”

Along with internships and college tours, sports are a popular summer activity among DVC students. Going to the beach and playing volleyball is a common summer pastime. Ethan Barragan, a sophomore at DVC, will be competing in a volleyball tournament this summer.

“I’m going to the beach a lot during the summer. I’m going to be practicing a lot because it’s my favorite sport which means, this tournament means a lot to me,” said Barragan.

Two months of summer until the school year begins and another 10 months of school passes by. Students at DVC plan to take advantage of this time to relax, visit schools and pursue their hobbies.