Welcoming Metro


Metro Logo. Juniors from their respective pathways have worked for the last month providing solutions to augment Metro ridership through publication, advertisements, jingles and more.

Kayla Mitchell, Staff Writer

On Thursday,  May 3, 2018, Metro employees traveled to Da Vinci Communications High School, where juniors and sophomores pitched ideas they created for their Metro project.

In this project, juniors partnered with Metro to seek solutions, within their respective pathways, about the lack of youth utilizing Metro services. Recently, the number of riders under the age of 18 declined.  The company has reached out to DVC sophomores and juniors to discover ways to get more youth to ride their services.

For the project, juniors were required to use their pathway skills to create solutions to this project. Music, Strategic Communications, Computer Science, and Journalism, constructed in groups, one person representing each pathway to construct a general idea that each group had about solutions like giving Metro a new public face and “Humans of Metro”.

To help support these solutions, sophomores were given the task to collect data from students regarding the ridership at DVC. This data included information on parent views on Metro to student comfortability in taking Metro. This data helped Metro because they got a more student-oriented perspective and it helped juniors too because they were now able to use those statistics to back up any solutions they had for Metro.

“I was very impressed with the engagement of the students in the way they organize their projects” Doug Goodwin, the lead developer for communications at Metro stated.

During each pitch, Metro employees had the opportunity to see the many aspects DVC has to offer. Through this project, both students and Metro are hoping that students would gain a new idea of everything Metro has to offer.