End Of School Year Struggles: Fighting Procrastination

Game controllers and a computer keyboard everyday distractions

Game controllers and a computer keyboard everyday distractions

James Skinner , Staff Writer

Summer is almost here and students are just about washed up and ready for a long resting period. This has lead to a lack of production in work, and at this time of year with testing, finals, and college exams, students have to fight the urge to procrastinate.

ACT and SAT exams have arrived for high school juniors as well as POL’s for all Da Vinci students, so this is a really important time to buckle down and get work done.

Andrew Galbraith, the calculus teacher at Da Vinci Communications said, “There are only six to seven weeks till the end of the semester so how you do in your projects right now, preparing for final exams, for some classes it’s going to really affect your grades and your GPA.”

“Your college applications for next year, particularly for juniors, you guys are going to be applying to college next semester, and you want your GPA to be as good as possible to get grants, get scholarships,” Galbraith added. “The better your GPA is the better.”

For juniors, the ACT and SAT exams, as well as other future exams, are really important for their future college applications.

“It’s so crucial because it sets you up for college and you’re gonna have to study for tests like these when you go to college and throughout your life so it’s important to create good study habits no matter what the case may be,” said Isaak Mourning, a current DVC junior.

ACT exams are currently proceeding. The first test date, April 14th, just passed and some students have had to sacrifice some time to studying.

Trina Umaña, another junior at DVC, spoke about her study habits when prepping for the ACT. “I studied well enough for English and everything except for Math. It’s just difficult to study because I didn’t feel prepared enough as a whole for the math section, and so I sort of practiced using the ACT study stuff online but even then I still don’t feel like that was enough.”

For decades students have had their high school and college experiences affected negatively by procrastination, and most of the time they’re unaware of it. A 2007 meta-analysis by the University of Calgary psychologist Piers Steel, PhD., reports that 80 to 95 percent of college students procrastinate, particularly when it comes to completing their coursework.

There are a large variety of ways people can improve and break their procrastinating patterns by following minimum straightforward steps such as breaking up assignments into little goals so that you aren’t trying to squeeze in all of your work at once.

“Every day for a month and a half I would do just some practice questions for math, and then I would go over whether or not they are correct, and then for English, it was the same thing,” Umaña stated.

While studying and doing homework it is also convenient to sometimes chill out for a while in between hours to allow yourself to regain your thoughts and refocus.

Umaña said that she makes time around a couple of hours a day to watch TV, and she balances her work by taking breaks. ¨I take breaks, I’ll do homework for 30 or 10 minutes and then I’ll sorta just chill out for a few minutes to kinda give me some room and lower my stress levels”

Taking breaks in between time frames really helps. Another method to help put a stop to procrastination could be to attempt to finish all of your homework early in the week that way you have Friday as well as your weekend homework-free.

Mourning shared, ¨Monday through Thursday, I get all of my work done including weekend homework Friday to Saturday if I have anything extra I have to do I’ll do it that Friday night and Saturday, Sunday is free.¨

Doing your homework prior throughout the week is very convenient for those that don’t like to work on the weekend or are more prone to waiting until Sunday night before doing their homework.

The finest thing you can do that fits all of these ideas into one whole picture is to set time aside for work time and free time, then no matter how you work or study you won’t get your time mixed up.

Galbraith discussed this point, ¨It’s important that you allocate a time when you’re going to get some work done and then you work on it for that time and just do it consistently¨

Your environment can also play a big role in how you work. It’s better to work in a quieter area so that your mind can truly focus.

¨If I’ve got to do a chunk of work I will kinda just go to the library by my house and sit there and it’s so boring and so quiet there’s nothing to do but get my work done,¨ said Galbraith

It is up to every individual to step up, take action and complete their duties on time. With just a few of these thoughts and ideas incorporated throughout your life, you will be in the best position to succeed.

“Don’t compare yourself too much to other people or compare yourself to an external standard just think about always progressing yourself and you’ll feel more positive about it,¨ Galbraith added.