Living in One of The World’s Most Lively Cities: A Resident’s Guide to L.A.


Los Angles Street. Photo provided by the Los Angeles street signs and the wonders in the city.

Rocio Handal Rodriguez , Humans of DVC Editor

Los Angeles is a large and well-known city that has a lot to offer to both tourists and residents. There are a variety of places that you can go; however, it is hard to be a Los Angeles resident for almost 10 years, and figure out where to go when I’m bored because I’ve already gone to the “must visit” places that always come up online. Going to the usually highlighted places like the Walk of Fame, Malibu, or Santa Monica is still fun but it’s not always my first choice anymore. So here is a pocket-friendly L.A. travel guide of places that are fun but hidden for those who struggle with the same dilemma.



While it can get a little cold during the winter, going to the beach in L.A. is a must, whether you are a tourist or a resident of the L.A. area. Of course, there are different options to which beach to visit and while the well-known beaches are always full, there are other beaches that can you can visit, have fun at, and will most likely not be that crowded.


  • Redondo Beach Pier


    • Redondo Beach offers a great location to walk around and look at the shops that it has and also has a variety of places where you can eat and enjoy an afternoon. Another fun thing to do at the Redondo pier is visiting the arcade and experiencing what teens did years ago to play video games before technology was so developed in order to have fun.


  • Hermosa Beach


    • Hermosa Beach is a beautiful, peaceful, and clean beach that you can visit to enjoy a good sunny day. You can lay down on the sand and enjoy the sun, go into the water and have a swim, or you can also enjoy the shops that are around there or the delicious food that they offer.


San Pedro

San Pedro is a major international seaport in the L.A. area, and while many people go to the common areas of San Pedro to enjoy their day, there are a few hidden places and activities that not many people know about but are really worth the try.


    • Many people go very early to go and feast on the delicious seafood that is offered. There are different options, you can buy the set plates that restaurants offer or there is the option of buying the raw fish at a market and later taking that raw fish to a restaurant that will cook it for you, to your liking.  


    • You can also walk around the shopping area that not only has stores but also has live performances occasionally. While walking around the shopping area, there are also areas where you can take beautiful and Instagram worthy pictures.


Unexpectedly fun and educating; museums not only offer the opportunity to learn new things but they also offer great photoshoot opportunities. Museums are very interactive and have different games that you can play while also increasing your knowledge on different topics. In addition to learning, museums tend to have great spots where you can do a fun little photoshoot that you can later post on social media.

  • USC Museums


    • At this location, you can enjoy the beautiful campus of the University of Southern California at which occasionally there are fun events happening, but you can also visit the rose garden across campus.


    • Near the campus, there are plenty of museums that you can visit and learn in a very interactive way. The museums have done a great job at delivering education in a way that the audience will not lose engagement.


  • Museum of Broken Relationships


    • While it sounds like an odd place, the museum focuses on displaying different objects that were donated by different people in order for them to tell their story and why that object was meaningful to them. The exhibits reflect all different human emotions, while there are some that are sad, many exhibits are there to remind the public that people change, grow and recover.

Photoshoot Places

As people are now hyper focused on social media and Instagram has become a very popular platform, we are all guilty to some extent of wanting to take “Instagram worthy” pictures maybe to post or maybe just to show off the great pictures that we take. Here are some places that are cheap to go but are insanely great places to take pictures that not everyone knows about.

  • Botanical Gardens
    • There are various gardens in the L.A. area that you are able to visit for a reasonable price. At a botanical garden, you can go and enjoy the beautiful scenery that they have or you can also have fun photoshoots whether you are a professional photographer or someone who wants to have an amazing feed for your Instagram.  

USC Rose Garden

In addition to the amazing museums that are on the USC Campus, there is also a beautiful rose garden that you can go into for free and enjoy the beauty of nature. In additions to the roses, there is a water fountain in the middle of the area that can be used for an amazing picture.

Bourgeois Pig Cafe  


The Bourgeois Pig Cafe

This is an underground dimmed cafe next to a small magazine and newspaper shop. It is the epitome of what Hollywood is (mostly) known for. It is famous for its jungle room that looks like a storybook come to life.


Brewery Art Walk

The Brewery Art Walk occurs twice a year, once during the spring and then again during the fall. It is an event where various artists are showcased at the world’s largest art complex. The entrance and the parking for this event are charge-free, that way the public only has to worry about enjoying the amazing paintings that are displayed.