Fame Can Influence Fake


Photo provided by Mats Meyer and celebrity couples who have had relationship scandals that were exposed.

Sophia Solorzano, Multimedia Editor

With numerous relationships starting in high school, it’s easy to be influenced by #Couplegoals. Celebrities often portray themselves as “perfect” couples that may seem to love one another; however, that is not always the reality.

Today’s celebrities have gained a huge influence on social media, often using it as a platform to expose the “happiness” in their lives, grabbing their audience’s attention. With this leaves an open opportunity for “fans” and trolls to either find out information or develop stories on their own. For example, in 2012 Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s fairytale romance was damaged when pictures of her cheating with director Rupert Sanders emerged, fans were devastated and kept retweeting the incident.

Leslie Sibert, a contractor for TV shows and movies, stated that the average age group that the company tries to target are “15 year olds to 35 year olds.”  

“The goal is to keep ratings and see what we can do to make more people interested in the love around celebrities,” Sibert later said.

When youth are seeking a relationship or are in a relationship, sometimes they expect it to resemble their celebrity idols. Malila Reed, a high school junior, met her boyfriend, Jason, at the Leuzinger High School library. Reed stated, “I like following celebrities and their makeup tips because it makes me feel good, my boyfriend likes it so I follow.”

We look to our favorite stars, with their outlandish PDA, their dedicated Instagram posts and their picture-perfect red carpet appearances, and we wonder how our own relationships resemble theirs.

Jack Siebert, who is now working with top designer fashion companies, once interned with The Kardashians the summer of his sophomore and junior year of high school.

“Everything on the show was scripted, there are high amounts of money and meetings on set that are about money. It was surprising how much the producers influence these stars to get pregnant; there is no real connection,” said Siebert.

In some cases, celebrities don’t have much effect on couples, such as Carlos Flores and Nancy Palma. Flores and Palma said, “We]know that these shows and the posts are scripted. It’s all to keep an image and a reputation… the point of being in a relationship is to get to know one another and accept their flaws and be supportive and how to overcome challenges.”

It’s no surprise that today’s society often becomes obsessed with celebrities and get caught up in their lives due to the false stories and fantasies that they sell to the public. Some people want to aspire to that same love and admiration the People Magazine showcase when it comes to love and family in the world of Hollywood.

There are some positive aspects, though, that one can learn from celebrity couples, such as Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds who have been together since 2012. Their form of love is a motivator for couples to see the problems that celebrities go through and that each relationship has different ways of problem solving and  supporting one another.

Melvin Suncin and Devaliy Alvarez, Da Vinci Design sophomores, said, “We watch some reality TV shows, for example Catfish and personally for me the Bachelorette. I like the drama and I feel like sometimes that drama affects our relationship, sometimes we argue and yell for little things, but it’s whatever. We still love each other.”  

By the very nature of their fame, celebrities will influence people to become more like them. They are in our lives and we all feel like we truly know them, as if they were our own friends and family, but it’s important to always be aware that there is a huge unknown portion of their lives. We only see things one-sided and not what’s behind the cameras.

For blooming relationships in today’s generation, it’s important to not follow the crowd or to live up to false expectations we see on social media. Couples should learn to let their relationships run naturally because if it doesn’t run fluidly, it’s not real love.