The Time Has Come


DVC seniors (Amir Rose Aminifu, Wendy Rodriguez, Noah Ryan and Brittney Franco) in front of the senior class college acceptance wall.

Erica Bentley, DVC News Editor

It has been a long and grueling journey for the seniors of Da Vinci Communications High School . It’s time that a voyage comes to an end, or perhaps, a new beginning with the decision of what colleges the seniors are going to attend.

There are now ten days left for the seniors to submit the deposit to the college of their choice. It seems to have just settled in over the DVC senior class and tensions are rising high with the weight of commitment on their shoulders of deciding where they want to spend the next four to six years of their life.

Some of the class of 2018 have already declared their colleges while others are narrowing the choices of the college that best benefits them.

Ethan Stokes, a senior at DVC and soon to be freshman at UCLA, mentioned, “In all honesty, I think UCLA was just always in the back of my mind. It’s just somewhere I was always planning on going.”

Those who have already chosen their colleges either didn’t really have a choice to switch since they applied early decision and have known where they were going to college since the end of last year, or they got into their dream school and had the chance to go. Stokes is a rare case for he had always had a feeling that UCLA was a part of his plans, it was his dream.

Keely Gwynne, another senior at DVC, shared her very different experience: “Mine was a funny story: My parents researched colleges for me in 9th grade. So before I even started thinking about it, they already had a list that they wanted me to check out.”

There are multiple variables that play into choosing a college which students often set at different priorities. Some factors that go into choosing a college include professor interaction, size, financial aid and environment.

Choosing a college shouldn’t simply be about the academics, cost and size, it should be about the people in the community. For Camryn Marble, a senior at DVC, she expressed, “I am leaning towards Point Loma Nazarene University because it is a small, Christian school, that I feel would be a good fit for who I am as a student and a person.”

Schools should feel like a right fit in the end. There are different ways that different students go about college deciding whether it be weighing the benefits, praying or anything else, the seniors will end up where they are supposed to be in the end.

Gwynne advised the upcoming seniors to “Find out what you want, which sounds insane, but do it. Do you want to have a direct connection with your teacher so you know what the heck is going on? Then you’d probably want a small, liberal arts college.”

The process of choosing a college can range from getting an amazing package from one’s safety to having to decide from a variety of schools.

All seniors have the fear to commit to one college since there is the ever present fear of choosing the wrong one. Although there are multiple variables that go into the decision making process, there is a sense of good feeling when choosing which college is right for you in the end no matter what your reasons.